Raytheon completes upgrades to BMEWS radar in Alaska 16-Mar-01

Raytheon Company's Clear Radar Upgrade (CRU) program in Clear, Alaska, has achieved initial operational capability (IOC) with the United States Air Force Space Command. The Clear radar is part of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS).

The radar at Clear Air Force Station is a solid state phased array that provides improved intercontinental and sea-launched ballistic missile detection and early warning and attack assessments. This is the third BMEWS radar to be upgraded by Raytheon. Previous upgraded BMEWS sites include Thule, Greenland, and Fylingdales, England. With IOC achieved, the radar can now begin its primary mission of ballistic missile surveillance and early warning.

"The challenges faced with completing this program were immense. From severe weather to moving equipment over thousands of miles of difficult terrain, both Raytheon and our government team performed flawlessly," said Mike Findley, program director, U.S. Air Force Electronic Systems Command.

Unique to the CRU program was the relocation of existing electronic equipment from a decommissioned PAVE PAWS site in Eldorado, Texas, to the newly constructed facility at Clear. By relocating the two 102-foot diameter transmitter/receiver arrays, electronic cabinets and computers, the U.S Air Force was able to save $140 million dollars in engineering, and manufacturing costs.

Murray Welch, Raytheon's Clear Radar Upgrade program manager, said, "The completion of the CRU program further enhances Raytheon's reputation as the premier supplier of surveillance radars to the U.S. military."