Alaskan DEW Line Sites

photo from the web site

The following photos are from Larry Wilson's DEW Line web site.

DEW Line, Aleutian (COB) sites

DEW Line, North Shore (LIZ & POW) sites

The following table lists only the Distant Early Warning (DEW) sites located inside Alaska's boundaries (northern coast or Aleutian chain). For a more-complete look at the former DEW Line, see Larry Wilson's DEW web site at URL

The DEW Line has been replaced by the North Warning System.

Site Name Site Number Squadron Radar
Brownlow Point, AK POW-D   FPS-23 Aug-57  
Cape Lisburne AFS', AK LIZ-1 711 FPS-3 Feb-53  
Cape Sabine, AK LIZ-A   FPS-23 Aug-57  
Cape Sarichef, AK COB-3 714, Det. 3 FPS-19 1959  
Cape Simpson, AK POW-A   FPS-23 1957  
Cold Bay DEW, AK COB-MAIN 714 FPS-19 30-Sep-69  
Demarcation Bay, AK BAR-A   FPS-23 Aug-57  
Driftwood Bay, AK COB-2 714, Det. 2 FPS-19 1959  
Flaxman Island, AK POW-3   FPS-19; FPS-23 Aug-57  
Icy Cape, AK LIZ-B   FPS-23 1957  
Kogru, AK POW-B   FPS-23 1957  
Lonely, AK POW-1   FPS-19; FPS-23 1957  
McIntyre, AK POW-C   FPS-23 1957  
Nikolski, AK COB-1 714, Det 1 FPS-19 1959  
Oliktok, AK POW-2   FPS-19; FPS-23 1957  
Peard Bay, AK LIZ-C   FPS-23 1957  
Point Barrow, AK POW-Main   FPS-19; FPS-23 1957  
Point Lay, AK LIZ-2   FPS-19; FPS-23 1957  
Port Heiden, AK COB-5 714, Det. 5 FPS-19 1959  
Port Moller, AK COB-4 714, Det. 4 FPS-19 1959  
Wainwright, AK LIZ-3   FPS-19; FPS-23 1957