AN/FPS-20, 20A, 20B

This Bendix-built radar was an AN/FPS-3 search radar with an AN/GPA-27 installed. Designed to operate in the L-band frequencies of 1250 to 1350 MHz, the radar had a range of over 200 miles. By the late 1950s this radar dominated the United States radar defense net. Deployment continued into the early 1960s. In June 1959, Bendix received a contract to provide private industry's MK-447 (the same as the military's AN/GPA-103). This photo reportedly was taken at Verona test site, part of ROME AIR DEVELOPMENT CENTER at GRIFFISS A.F.B. N.Y.

Note three airmen working on sail.

Verona Test Site:

Photo of equipment in the Kotzebue AFS, AK FPS-20 tower.

Two views of the Klystron Tuner Panel. From CFS Gander.

Floor plan blueprint (Oceana NAS installation) - 1.2MB PDF

AN/FPS-20 description (Oceana NAS installation) - 900KB PDF