Air Defense Radar Stations

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692 Baudette AFS, MN SM-132/Z-132
798 Belleville AFS, IL P-70/Z-70
757 Blaine AFS, WA P-46/Z-46
750 Boron AFS, CA P-59/Z-59  
665 Calumet AFS, MI P-16/Z-16/J-59    
771 Cape Charles AFS, VA P-56/Z-56  
765; Det. 6, 14 MWS Charleston AFS, ME P-65/Z-65
858 Fallon NAS, NV SM-156/Z-156  
756 Finland AFS, MN P-69/Z-69
785 Finley AFS, ND P-29/Z-29
701; Det. 5, 14 MWS Fort Fisher AFS, NC M-115/Z-115/J-02
770 Fort Meade, MD RP-54/Z-227
780 Fortuna AFS, ND P-27/Z-27
778 Havre AFS, MT P-25/Z-25  
793 Hutchinson AFS, KS P-47/Z-47  
827 Keno AFS, OR TM-180/Z-180/J-82
790 Kirksville AFS, MO P-64/Z-64    
758 Makah AFS, WA P-44/Z-44/J-80  
647 Manassas AFS, VA P-55/Z-55  
773 Montauk AFS, LI, NY P-45/Z-45
751; Det. 4, 14 MWS Mount Laguna AFS, CA P-76/Z-76/J-30
761 North Bend AFS, OR P-12/Z-12  
762 North Truro AFS, MA P-10/Z-10/J-53  
738 Olathe AFS, KS P-72/Z-72  
674 Osceola AFS, WI P-35/Z-35
637 Othello AFS, WA P-40/Z-40  
680 Palermo AFS SAGE, NJ Z-54/Z-54        
754 Port Austin AFS, MI P-61/Z-61/J-57  
782 Rockville AFS, IN P-53/Z-53  
764 Saint Albans AFS, VT P-14/Z-14
656 Saratoga Springs AFS, NY P-50/Z-50    
678 Tyndall AFB, FL TM-198/Z-198/J-11    
655 Watertown AFS, NY P-49/Z-49
788 Waverly AFS, IA P-81/Z-81  
34 RCAF Senneterre AS, QC, CN C-8/C-8            
21 RCAF St Margarets AS, NB, CN C-5/C-5              

If a single single asterisk (*) appears next to a site, it denotes that the site was planned but no squadron was assigned (and obviously no radar installation was constructed for that site number). Click for examples.

If double asterisks (**) appear next to a site, they denote that the site was planned was assigned a numbered squadron, but was not built / activated (usually due to budgetary constraints). Click for examples.

All site numbers are listed in the data base for accounting reasons.

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