Eagle Bluff AFS
N-guage radar site

We have been looking for radar set models, and this little gem was sent to us by Chris McWilliams.

Chris writes:

This is not strictly speaking a model, it`s more of a diorama. This is a "generic" radar site which is the central part of an N gauge model railroad (scale 1:160) I`m building. The platform is 6` x 12` and hangs from pulleys in my garage. Liberties must be taken in N gauge to make things "look" right, so it is not really to scale. The search radar tower is 58` high, 47` wide, and the antenna is 85` wide. This whole section sits atop a "mountain" in the middle of the layout. Inside the mountain is a spiral of track to elevate the trains up to a second and third level of elevation on the layout. This top section contains 2 HF radars, the search (FPS-24 resemblance?) a power plant, and an ops building. The next lower section will contain HQ, GATR, barracks, motor pool, mess hall, etc. I`m also taking the liberty of putting in a Bomarc site as part of "Eagle Bluff AFS." The housing area (small) will also be on this level. I can`t put in too many details, or they will overpower the railroad itself. I expect to spend many more months working on this project.

I took this shot outdoors with the air Defense Radar Museum patch in front. There are fewer shadows on this one. The tower has a gearmotor inside which turns the antenna at about 5 RPM. The four dowel legs it`s standing on are used to fasten this level to the top of the mountain. The power plant is a model kit, the rest of it is "scratch built".