To post your unit reunion notice, simply send an email with particulars to the Webmaster. There's no charge or obligation. If you will allow us to have AFRMA/Radomes association information at your event, please send me an email with your mailing address. I'll send a packet of 20 or so copies. Thanks, Gene.

Permanent Echoes

  • MCCHORD AFB, 25th NR/AD/NWADS/WADS meets the first Saturday in June at the McChord Consolidated Club on JBLM at 9 AM. All personnal ever assigned to 25th at McChord/attached radar or FIS units are welcome. Activities includes breakfast (at 8 AM), program, updates on current Air Force Defense activities, fun and fellowship. For further information, contact CMSgt (USAF Ret) Frank Pearce at

  • 511th AC&W Group REUNION ASSOCIATION is made up of USAF personnel and civilian technicians who were assigned to the air defense of Northern Japan from 1947 through 1960. The various remote radar sites on the Islands of Hokkaido and Northern Honshu, Chitose AB, Misawa AB and the ADCC are the organizations that meet the requirements for membership in the Association. The actual organizations were the 613th, 847th and 848th AC&W Squadrons, the 511th AC&W Group and the 39th Air Division.

    The Association meets once a year to renew old friendships, welcome new members and generally have a good time.

Moving Targets

  • The Iceland Radar Sites, 667th, 932nd, 933rd and 934th ACW is holding a reunion in St Louis April 24-27 at Hilton Frontenac Hotel. For more info contact

  • Air Force 601st TACTICAL CONTROL ASSOCIATION is holding a renunion June 14 -18, in Tucson, AZ Contact: Paul Mussolino Phone: 937-838-0812, E-mail:

  • Opheim is having a reunion this summer, June 24-25, 2022, for alumni, current and former Opheim community members and all those who were stationed at the 779th Radar Site in Opheim.
    If it's on your bucket list to visit one of the coldest places on earth - only this time you can do it in JUNE - all details are on the "2022 OPHEIM SCHOOL/TOWN REUNION" page on Facebook.
    The reunion is being held the same weekend as the Opheim Rodeo (June 26th), which only adds to the fun!


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  • WADS/20th Air Division/Fort Lee Air Force Station, VA 1958 - 1983. Anyone interested in holding a reunion at Fort Lee area, please contact Robert Dilworth at

  • 766TH CASWELL AFS 1961-65. Anyone interested in holding a reunion for the aforementioned years, possibly here in Las Vegas (I know of two others living here who were stationed there during those years) or in the Limestone area (my preference). E-mail me at