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We are a 100% member-supported association of United States and Royal Canadian Air Force veterans, families and supporters. Our primary mission and purpose is:

  1. To preserve the history of Cold War era air and missile defense of the North American continent.
  2. To document the Air Defense radar installations, radar equipment, and personnel who served, through photographs, documents, first-hand accounts, newspaper articles, etc., and to make this documentation available to the public for historic educational purposes.
  3. To promote the recognition and benefit of military veterans who served in any capacity in the air and missile defense of the North American continent.
  4. To support various Radomes projects, among which are primarily the Online Air Defense Radar Museum and working towards the preservation and restoration of air defense radar installations.

Memberships are now available to help to support our work. Click on "Memberships" in the Contents window to apply. Memberships are open to all, veteran or not.

And by all means, feel free to visit the Online Air Defense Radar Museum.

Air Force - Together We Served

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