“Online Air-Defense Radar Museum” Trivia Quiz #1

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Note:  Unless otherwise specified, the following questions pertain only to long-range radar (LRR) sites (not gap-fillers), AC&W / SAGE radar sites (not Lashup, not JSS), located in the continental United States (CONUS) or immediately along the coast of the CONUS.

1.  Name the only nuclear-powered radar site. Answer

2.  Name the only SAGE-era long-range radar (LRR) site than began its USAF existence as a gap-filler radar site. Answer

3.  AN/FPS-24:
 a.  Which site had the prototype AN/FPS-24?
 b.  Which two sites had the first two production models?
 c.  Which site had the last operational model?
 d.  At which site(s) was a radome constructed over the AN/FPS-24 radar antenna assembly? Answer

4.  AN/FPS-35:
 a.  Which site had the prototype AN/FPS-35?
 b.  Which site had the first production model?
 c.  Which site had the last operational model? Answer

5.  AN/FPS-28:
 a.  Which site had the prototype AN/FPS-28?
 b.  Which site had the first production model?
 c.  Which site had the last operational model?Answer

6.  How many AF station names contained a compass direction (e.g., south, east, etc.)?  [This does not include the name of a state such as “South Carolina,” North Dakota," or “West Virginia.”] Answer

7.  Which radar sites had a color in their names? Answer

8.  What was the only AF station located on the highest point in its respective state? Answer

9.  Which USAF (“Blue-Suit”) sites were discontinued as long-range radar sites (closed, converted to gap-fillers, or turned over to the FAA), then re-opened as USAF long-range radar sites (“Blue-Suit” or FAA data-tie)? Answer

10.  How many “Texas Towers” were originally planned? Answer