USAF Air Defense Radar Equipment
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The "Online Radar Museum" is proud to announce that our photo collection now includes several notable "firsts." Among the photos are the very first AN/FPS-24 (Eufaula AFS, AL), the ONLY two AN/FPS-24's covered with a radome (Cottonwood AFS, ID, and Mt. Hebo AFS, OR), the very first AN/FPS-28 (Houma AFS, LA), the very first AN/FPS-35 (Thomasville AFS, AL), the very first AN/FPS-27 (Crystal Springs AFS, MS), and the very first and only AN/FPS-31 (Jug Handle Hill, West Bath, ME). Also, the search radar tower pictured at Highlands AFS, NJ, held the very first AN/FPS-7, and the empty arctic radar tower pictured at Eufaula AFS held the very first AN/FPS-26 height-finder radar. Further, the photo of MacDill AFB, FL, includes the very first AN/FSS-7 SLBM D&W radar, modified from the AN/FPS-26. Thanks go to the many contributors who made this possible.

Radar Designations

During World War II, each service used its own method to designate its electronic radar/tracking systems. For example, Army radars were classified under the initials SCR, which stood for �Signal Corps Radio.� Different designations for similar systems confused manufacturers and complicated electronics procurement. In February 1943, a universal classification system was implemented for all services to follow, ending the confusion. To indicate that an electronic system designation followed the new universal classification, the letters �AN,� for Army-Navy, were placed ahead of a three-letter code. The first letter of the three-letter code denoted the type of platform hosting the electronic device, for example: A=Aircraft; C=Air transportable (letter no longer used starting in the 1950s); F=Fixed permanent land-based; G=General ground use; M=Ground mobile; S=Ship-mounted; T=Ground transportable. The second letter indicated the type of device, for example: P=Radar (pulsed); Q=Sonar; R=Radio. The third letter indicated the function of the radar system device, for example: G=Fire control; R=Receiving (passive detection); S=Search; T=Transmitting. Thus an AN/FPS-20 represented the twentieth design of an Army-Navy �Fixed, Radar, Search� electronic device.

Searching The Skies

Originally, "AN" did stand for "Army-Navy"; later, though, after the Air Force came along, it became just a 'designator' of military equipment.

The table below from Mil Std 196E describes the designators


Radar Bands

Band Freq (MHz) Wavelength (cm)
VHF 30-300 300-100
UHF 300-1000 100-30
L 1000-2000 30-15
S 2000-4000 15-7.5
C 4000-8000 7.5-3.75
X 8000-10,000 3.75-2.5

Type: S-Search, H-Height-Finder, G-Gap Filler, T-Tracker, JSS-Joint Surveillance System

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System Type Band Mfg SAGE Notes
AN/CPS-1 S S/X MIT Rad Lab N MEW, or "microwave early warning radar"; 3000 MHz, range up to 200 miles
AN/CPS-4 H S MIT Rad Lab N Often paired w/ AN/FPS-3 during early '50s at permanent sites
AN/CPS-5 S L Bell Labs, GE N Lashup w/TPS-10 HF
AN/CPS-6,6A,6B S/H S MIT Rad Lab N Combined search & height-finder radar
AN/FPQ-16 PARCS T   Raytheon N Phased-Array Radar, originally part of the Safeguard ABM system
AN/FPS-10 S S MIT Rad Lab N Stripped version of AN/CPS-6B. 13 in the permanent network
AN/FPS-100 S L Bendix Y Modified AN/FPS-20
AN/FPS-107,-107V1,-107V2 S L Westinghouse Y Modification to AN/FPS-7
AN/FPS-108 T L Raytheon N "Cobra Dane"; located on Shemya Island
AN/FPS-115 S UHF Raytheon N PAVE PAWS Missile-Warning Radar, first model, two radar faces; originally installed at Cape Cod AFS, MA, and Beale AFB, CA, and later at Robins AFB, GA, and Eldorado AFS, TX. Upgrades include AN/FPS-120, AN/FPS-123, and AN/FPS-126 models.
AN/FPS-116 H S GE (now Lockheed Mar Y Modernized AN/FPS-6 & AN/FPS-90 for JSS
AN/FPS-117 3D L GE (now Lockheed Mar N 3D radar used at Alaskan sites and on the North Warning System (NWS)
AN/FPS-118 S LF GE (now Lockheed Mar N Over-the-Horizon Backscatter (OTH-B)
AN/FPS-120 S UHF Raytheon N PAVE PAWS Missile-Warning Radar, upgraded from AN/FPS-115 model, two (2) radar faces; presently installed at Thule AB, Greenland (BMEWS Site 1).
AN/FPS-123 S UHF Raytheon N PAVE PAWS Missile-Warning Radar, upgraded from AN/FPS-115 model, two (2) radar faces; presently installed at Cape Cod AFS, MA; Beale AFB, CA; and Clear AFS, AK (BMEWS Site 2).
AN/FPS-124 S S Unisys N Short-Range Radar used in the modern North Warning System (NWS); cylindrical array, electronic scanning
AN/FPS-126 S UHF Raytheon N PAVE PAWS Missile-Warning Radar, upgraded from AN/FPS-115 model, three (3) radar faces; presently installed at RAF Fylingdales Moor, England (BMEWS Site 3).
AN/FPS-129 D X Raytheon N "HAVE STARE"; deployed in northern Norway to detect missile launches
AN/FPS-14 G S Bendix Y Gap-filler radar with magnetron; 65 nmi.
AN/FPS-17 T VHF GE N Missile-tracking radar
AN/FPS-18 G S Bendix Y Gap-filler radar with klystron; 65 nmi.
AN/FPS-19 S L Raytheon Y The Primary Search Radar for DEW-Line sites in Canada and Alaska
AN/FPS-20,20A,20B S L Bendix Y AN/FPS-3 with AN/GPA-27; variants include the AN/FPS-64,65,66,67,68,72,87,91,93,100
AN/FPS-23 S UHF Motorola N AN/FPS-23 radars were continuous-wave (CW) systems that were comprised of geographically-separated AN/FPT-4 Fluttar Transmitters and AN/FPR-2 Fluttar Receivers.
AN/FPS-24 S VHF GE Y Frequency-diverse search radar designed for SAGE. 85-ton antenna.
AN/FPS-26,26A H C AVCO Y Frequency-diverse height-finder radar designed for SAGE. Seven -26s later modified by AVCO to AN/FSS-7 SLBM D&W.
AN/FPS-27,27A,27B S S Westinghouse Y Frequency-diverse search radar designed for SAGE. Search alt. 150K, 220-nmi range
AN/FPS-28 S VHF Raytheon Y Frequency-diverse search radar designed for SAGE. Field tested at Houma AFS, LA
AN/FPS-3,3A S L Bendix Y Predecessor to the AN/FPS-20
AN/FPS-30 S L Bendix Y DEW-Line radar used in Greenland
AN/FPS-31 S VHF MIT Lincoln Labs Y Frequency-diverse search radar designed for SAGE. Antenna 120'x16'; field tested at West Bath, ME.
AN/FPS-35 S VHF Sperry Gyroscope Y Frequency-diverse search radar designed for SAGE. 70-ton antenna.
AN/FPS-3B S L Bendix Y Incorporated AN/GPA-27 increased search alt to 65K
AN/FPS-4 H X RCA N Updated TPS-10
AN/FPS-49 T UHF RCA N BMEWS Tracker, 105 tons on azimuth bearing
AN/FPS-50 S UHF GE N BMEWS Detection Radar, scanned stationary antennae
AN/FPS-6,6A,6B H S GE Y High-power variants include AN/FPS-89 and AN/FPS-90; mobile version is AN/MPS-14
AN/FPS-63 G S Budd Y Frequency-diverse gap-filler radar, similar to AN/FPS-74; neither was ever fielded.
AN/FPS-64,65,66,67,68,72 S L Bendix Y Modified versions of AN/FPS-20
AN/FPS-7,7A,7B,7C,7D S L GE Y Search alt 100K, 270 miles
AN/FPS-74 G S Budd Y Frequency-diverse gap-filler radar, similar to AN/FPS-63; neither was ever fielded.
AN/FPS-8 S L GE Y Variants: AN/GPS-3, AN/MPS-11, AN/FPS-88.
AN/FPS-85 T UHF Bendix N Spacetrack radar at Eglin AFB, FL
AN/FPS-87A S L Bendix Y Based on AN/FPS-20
AN/FPS-88 S L GE Y Updated version of AN/FPS-8
AN/FPS-89 H S GE Y Improved version of AN/FPS-6
AN/FPS-90 H S GE Y Hi-powered version of AN/FPS-6
AN/FPS-91 S L Bendix Y Version of AN/FPS-20
AN/FPS-92 T UHF RCA N Upgraded AN/FPS-49 BMEWS tracker
AN/FPS-93 S L Raytheon Y Modified AN/FPS-20
AN/FRT-80 OTH-F TX D     N Over-the-Horixon Forwardscatter (OTH-F), 440L System, transmitter; used to detect missile launches
AN/FSA-10 DP     Y Television convertor-display unit for the SAGE gap-fillers. This unit used a television camera to superimpose the gap-filler data on the LRR scope. It could display up to six GFAs' radar data.
AN/FSQ-32 DP   IBM Y "Super SAGE" Computer (not fielded)
AN/FSQ-7 DP   IBM Y SAGE Direction-Center Computer
AN/FSQ-76 OTH-F RX D     N Over-the-Horixon Forwardscatter (OTH-F), 440L System, receiver; used to detect missile launches
AN/FSQ-8 DP   IBM Y SAGE Control-Center Computer
AN/FSS-7 S C AVCO Y FPS-26 modified by AVCO to perform SLBM Detection & Warning duties
AN/FST-1 DP     Y Radar Data Processing System used at SAGE gap-filler radar sites. Analog to digital convertor; slowed-down video unit.
AN/FST-2 DP     Y Radar Data Processing System used at SAGE long-range radar sites
AN/FSW-1 DP     Y Remote control unit for gap fillers. There was one unit at the prime LRR, and another at the GFA.
AN/FYQ-156       N Atmospheric Early Warning System, Battle Control System - Fixed (BCS-F) - more info to follow
AN/FYQ-47,49 DP   Burroughs Y Replacement for AN/FST-2; FYQ-49 was a FYQ-47 without height racks (used at FAA data-tie radar sites)
AN/FYQ-93 DP   Hughes N H5118ME-based computer system, replacement for SAGE; used at JSS ROCC's/SOCC's (now SAOC's)
AN/GKA-5 TDDL   RCA Y Time-Division Data Link. Used at the GATR sites for SAGE radar sites and certain Direction Centers (sometimes followed with the AN/FRT-49 Amplifier / Transmitter), and also used at BOMARC "B" model missile launch sites.
AN/GLA-8       Y Signal processor on the FPS-35/24 radars
AN/GPA-98       N ECM Simulator
AN/GPS-3 S L GE Y Variant of the AN/FPS-8
AN/GPS-T2 Simu   RCA N Used a 70 mm film to simulate radar data
AN/GPS-T4 Simu     N Simulated 12 individually controllable (speed, altitude, bank, climb and turn rates plus IFF) radar targets
AN/GRR-24 GATR     Y Ground-air radio equipment (GATR)
AN/GRT-22 GATR     Y Ground-air radio equipment (GATR)
AN/GSQ-235       N ROCC-AWACS Digital Information Link (RADIL)
AN/MPS-11 S L GE N Mobile version of the AN/FPS-8
AN/MPS-14 H S GE Y Mobile version of the AN/FPS-6
AN/MPS-16,-16A,-16B H C Avco N The AN/MPS-16, -16A and -16B are high-power, long-range, mobile height finders. The radar sets are capable of accepting azimuth control from, and furnishing height data to, search radar sets equipeed with either Indicator Group OA-175/FPS-3 or AN/UPA-35. These are normally transported on four M-35 trucks.
AN/MPS-7 S L Bendix N Mobile version of the FPS-3
AN/MPS-8 H X RCA N Mobile version of the AN/FPS-4
AN/TPS-10,10A,FPS-4,TPS-4 H X MIT Rad Lab N Zenith built -10A post-war; dubbed "Little Abner."
AN/TPS-1B,1C S L Bell Telephone Labs N WW-II 120-nmi, 10,000 ft.
AN/TPS-1D S L Bell Telephone Labs N Mobile search radar; "Tippsy 1 Dog"
AN/TPS-43 S     N Tactical/Mobile search radar
AN/TPS-44 S     N Tactical/Mobile search radar
AN/TPS-75 TAC     N Tactical 3D air battle management radar
AN/UPA-35       N Manual Ops PPI scope
AN/UPX-6, -14, -21 IFF/     Y Selective Identification Feature (SIF) / Identification Friend or Foe (IFF); used in conjunction with search radars
ARSR-1 S L Raytheon N FAA search radar, similar to FPS-20
ARSR-2 S L Raytheon N FAA upgrade to ARSR-1
ARSR-3,3D S L Westinghouse N FAA D model had height-finder capability
ARSR-4 S/H   Westinghouse N FAA 3D system began deploying in 1990s
ATCBI-5 SIF     Y FAA version of SIF, for "Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator"; also called "secondary radar" by the FAA
SCR-268 S,H VHF Western Electric N SCR-268 was operating in VHF-Band radar for gun laying and searchlight direction. It was the US Army's standard early-war anti-aircraft radar system.
SCR-270 S   Westinghouse N The Pearl Harbor radar
SCR-271 S   Westinghouse N variant of SCR-270
TDX-2000     Sensis N Target Data Extractor - used for preparing FAA radar target data for USAF use, among other things.