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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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06/15/2021 23:16:44

Name: Jim Gordon
Email: jkg AT

Former email Son of LtC Herbert Gordon instruction staff USAAC Aircraft Radio Mechanic School, Scott Field (1942-'45 C&E officer, 13th AF Clark Field (Baguio), Philippines, (1945 until release from active duty 1946?) C&E officer, recalled to active duty 1951? C&E officer, assigned 31st Air Div (Defense), Ft. Snelling, Minn C&E officer AFSC 3016, assigned (1953?) 316th Air Div (Defense), APO 118, NY, located Site Y-11, Rabat, French Morocco

05/20/2021 17:09:28

Name: James Shields
Email: brnuut AT

Just came across this site after losing it since the early 2000s. Did a Google search on an old email address that went kaput, and was alerted that I used to have an account here. Need to update my email addr. Was at 750th Boron AFS ('73-74), 907th Bucks Harbor AFS ('74-76),and Clear AFS ('76-77). Was still growing up and not a very good AF troop. Some who knew me then, will agree. :(

05/10/2021 03:16:39

Name: William (Bill) Reaties
Email: bnb-tortola AT

Scope dope from 1966 in TAC, DEW LINE - 1967, ATC (Wespons School for WDs- 1969, Spacetracking-1970, BUIC, 1971, CRP in SEA -1972, back to TAC’s CRC -1973, Airborne Early Warning and Control 1974-1978, assigned Det 1, NORAD Battlestaff on AWACS of Tinker 1978-1981. FACP NCOIC in USAFE in Germany, and finally returned to Tinker for Scope Dope training, completed, flew to Saudi Arabia et al, returned and assigned NORAD Battlestaff up until retirement in 1991.

04/19/2021 05:19:02

Name: Byron Peck, TSgt USAF Ret.
Email: peckfamily AT

Previously, you had good coverage of the Pacific Beach, Washington Lashup site, now a Navy MWR facility which I have been to now three times, thank you.

04/02/2021 20:24:08

Name: C.L.Mitchell
Email: rsq14adam1 AT

MSG, USA (Ret). Was assigned to ARADCOM most of 1967,68,69. 31st Bde at Oakdale, PA and 40th Bde at Presidio of San Francisco, CA. Nice site you have here.

01/28/2021 19:00:13

Name: Jim Baker
Email: sillyoleme.101 AT

First assignment after school was to 681st AC&W at Cut Bank, Montana 1959. Then on to Hq. 65th Air Div, Torrejon AB< Madrid and finally, 688th AC&W in Amarillo, Texas 62-63 and was discharged from there. Anyone remember? Lets talk.

01/28/2021 04:56:34

Name: Rick A Daughety
Email: labrct AT

My father, Jack Daughety served at the Miles City AFB around 56 - 58. He died on 11/07/60 of a virus. It would be great to talk with anyone who knew him.

01/18/2021 20:10:06

Name: Dennis Palsgrove
Email: denpalsgrove AT

Served as A2nd, radar operater year 1966, 727th Saglek Lab

01/12/2021 18:43:25

Name: al davenport
Email: davenpor AT

i was stationed at Campion radar site in 1960-1961. Hated it. Got screwed out of a promotion so i kissed the USAF good bye.

01/11/2021 12:01:58

Name: Liz Jacobsen
Email: llizj AT

Thank you for creating this site. I'm just looking for information about my cousin Harry Jacobsen, who was in the U.S. Air Force and, at some time, stationed in Greenland, I believe. Harry died in 1995.