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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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10/31/1998 00:00:00

Name: Al (Skip) Ehrenstein
Email: ale5415 AT

Enjoyed seeing my old site.

10/30/1998 00:00:00

Name: Robert B. Collins
Email: rbcollins AT

Formerly in 686th at Roswell, NM, Walker AFB. 1954, then to 768th AC&W at Moriarty, NM in late 54. Around 80 former AC&W Airmen and Ladies attended a Long Weekend Reunion, the second week of October. Had a wonderful time, hard to believe it has been 40-45 years. Everyone but me has aged slightly. If any of you read this, thanks for the memories, Ill never forget any of you. It was sobering to see so many deceased on our rosters. Our First sergeant, Clifford E. Clegg, passed on a few years ago; gone but not forgotten! He was the best SOLDIER I ever knew. He had been a corporal, one of the few survivors of the Bataan Death March. Salute! See ya all next reunion.

10/29/1998 00:00:00

Name: Cy Hanko
Email: cyh AT

Ninety two of the one hundred twenty seven pictures on Saglek Labrador Folders were taken by my in ,63 & ,64 when I served as the site commander. Ren. You have done a terrific job. Congratulations!

10/28/1998 00:00:00

Name: James (Jim)G. Donohue
Email: jim.donohue AT

Served with the 694th (Lewistown, MT) and the 656th (Saratoga Springs,NY) 30352 A.C.& W. Repair

10/23/1998 00:00:00

Name: Daniel Foster
Email: snomann AT or dan_foster

What is your email address Pete Opitz? The one you have listed does not work. Forgot to mention it Gene, outstanding web page!

10/23/1998 00:00:00

Name: Roger A. Cline
Email: aircargoguy AT

I was stationed at 692nd at Baudette MN from Dec 64 to Apr 66, and at 674th at Osceola WI from Apr 66 to Sept 66. Knew a few guys from school at Keesler that went to other sites. Very interesting web page, thanks for the info and pictures.

10/23/1998 00:00:00

Name: Charlie Deits
Email: Bolivar AT

I stumbled onto your web quite by accident, but was immediaely impressed with the tremendous amount of research that has gone into it. I served at a number of these sites myself , in the operations and airborne end of the business, before retiring as a CMSgt in 1970. Keep up the good work.

10/21/1998 00:00:00

Name: Dennis Matthews
Email: dmatthews AT

check out to see overheads of many of the conus locations (a few of the o/s locations maybe available also

10/20/1998 00:00:00

Name: Sal Salinas
Email: ssalinas AT

Enjoyed your website. I spend my Air Force career, besides training, at an ACW site. Ejoyed it while it lasted.

10/19/1998 00:00:00

Name: Mark Morris
Email: marksan AT

Thanks for the look at the site. Veeerrry Interesting! Good job.

10/19/1998 00:00:00

Name: Pete Opitz
Email: Pete.Opitz AT

Stationed at Cape Newenham in 82

10/18/1998 00:00:00

Name: Carl Wenberg
Email: cwenberg AT

Finially AC&W info of all the sites and people envolved you hear very little about it. I1m an old scope dope 1954-1962 sites in Germany, Mich. Iceland Montana, and Fl.

10/18/1998 00:00:00

Name: Mark Foster
Email: mfoster AT

Very nice web site. Looking for information on cold war command and control sites (IE: The Notch at Westover AFB). My site is It deals primarily with the Bell System and its role in providing the military with hardened telephone links.

10/17/1998 00:00:00

Name: Daniel Foster
Email: snomann AT

705th AC&W, King Salmon, 74-75. 13MWS, Clear AFS, 86-87. 12MWS, Thule AB, 76-77. 7MWS, Beale AFB,79-80. 26AD, Luke AFB, 75-76 531ACWGp, Elmendorf AFB, 80-83.. 11TCG, Elmendorf AFB, 83-84. 4754 RADES, 77-79. 1954 RADES,87-89. 84 RADES, 89-92 ELF 1, Saudi Arabia, 92-94.

10/16/1998 00:00:00

Name: Jerry Zettler
Email: zettlerj AT

I really enjoyed my visit brought back some great memories. 766 acw 65-66 766 acw 66-67 664 acw 68-69 Jerry Zettler

10/15/1998 00:00:00

Name: William R Jackson
Email: roswee AT

served with the 761st Radron, North Bend AFS 1960-63. \I helped with the installation of the FPS-26 heightfinder made by AVCO.

10/15/1998 00:00:00

Name: Rocky Dimare
Email: Kings1978 AT

Outstanding web site!! I spent most of my 20 yrs in the AF in the NORAD system. 705 ACWS King Salmon, 794 ACWS Cape Newenham, 20th NORAD Region Fort Lee Va, 21st NORAD Region Hancock Field NY, Northeast Air Defense Sector Griffiss AFB (This is the new ROCC/SOCC/JSS system that replaced the SAGE/ACWS regime. Not too many occassions to talk about this stuff with knowledgeable people in the civilian world.

10/15/1998 00:00:00

Name: Chris McWilliams
Email: AmerEagle AT

Just found this great site. I was stationed at Saratoga Springs (56-58)Boston Air Defense Sector DC (60), Opheim (61-63) Hutchinson (64) Thule BMEWS (65) Bucks Harbor (68-70), St. Albans (70-72).

10/14/1998 00:00:00

Name: Charlie Haubrich
Email: qeisales AT

I was a drum specialist on a Burroughs FST-2 installation crew from 58 to 60. Worked at Baudette, Crystal Springs, Mill Valley, Cut Bank, Opheim, Saratoga, Montauk, Highlands and TT2. This site brings back many memories. Nice work.

10/13/1998 00:00:00

Name: John C. Fernandez, Major, USAF (ret)

this site brings back many memories. As a young captain I was the Det Commander, Det 5, 714th ACW Sq., Port Heiden, Alaska, from July 1965 to July 1966. Maybe there are some out there who may remember Port Heiden. Send e-mail if you do.

10/13/1998 00:00:00

Name: John C. Fernandez

Just a little more info regarding my previous message. The 714thACW Squadron at Cold Bay had 5 detachments which provided search and air control as well as radio relay. Our sites were the data and radio links from King Salmon west to Shemya. When one of our sites went down EVERYONE got excited, from the JCS on down since there was a big gap in the DEW coverage. Those were the days before satellite communications. Each site except the headquarters at Cold Bay had 25 guys including one officer and in some cases a tech rep. Other names that come to mind that were part of the 714th besides Port Heiden are Nikolsky, Port Moller, Dutch Harbor.

10/12/1998 00:00:00

Name: Larry Scott
Email: 2Maineiacs AT

Great memory provoking site! Im formerScope-Dope/Weapons Weenie assigned PCS to: 735th AC&W Morroco/Highland AFS, NJ/ Topsham(SAGE)AFS,ME/Sioux City(SAGE) AFS,IA/Thule (P-Mountain)/Adair AFS (SAGE),OR/Wasserkuppe,Germany/St. Albans AFS, VT/Tin City,AK/Duluth AFS (SAGE),MN/Bucks Harbor AFS, ME. Monthly (1972-1974, BUIC) deployments to: Baudette,MN/Calumet,MI. Any Old Buddies out there?

10/11/1998 00:00:00

Name: George Runkle

Great work so far gene! Am very happy to be a part of this site. Expect your first map by Oct 19.

10/11/1998 00:00:00

Email: APhilli101 AT


10/10/1998 00:00:00

Name: James Timmons
Email: Ericstar AT

Thanks for a great site. I was stationed at Point Arena AFS Cal 1971-72. Good to see a couple of pictures of the place. Keep up the good work! also Im looking for a patch from the 776th Radar Sq at Point Arena. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

10/10/1998 00:00:00

Name: Dale Powell
Email: powell AT

Recently I was in Ft. Yukon, Alaska for a day. I visited the old radar site there, the (huge) reflectors are still intact, as are most of the buildings. There is another similar site near Tanana, Alaska that I visited a few years ago. It is fascinating to see these old sites. Anyone who has more knowledge than I (not much) of the mission and nuts and bolts aspect of these Alaska sites, please contact me if you would. I was also wondering what the site near Tanana was called? Thanks

10/10/1998 00:00:00

Name: Ronald "Smokey" Bassett, MSgt, USAF Ret.
Email: smokey123 AT

Served at 666th ACW - Mill Valley CA 66-68; 602nd ACW, Giebelstadt Germany Jan 68-Aug 68 and helped close it down before going to the Frankfurt International Airport and Det 2, 615 ACW; Apr 72-May 73 at 682nd ADGp, Baudette MN; 73-74 at Tatalina AK; 74-75 at 692nd ACW, Almanden AFS CA; 75-76 at 705ACW King Salmon AK; Jan 79-July 83 at Det 1, 615ACW, Kindsbach Germany (Bet Im the only person to have been stationed at both Dets of the 615); July 83-Aug 85, 603 TCS, Sembach Germany. Ended career as the Superintendent of Public Affirs, Andrews AFB MD, supporting White House missions. Now a civilian Public Affairs officer at McClellan AFB CA. This is a great web page and provides an outstanding history for our kids to see. But we need more units on board! Thanks Greg!!

10/06/1998 00:00:00

Name: Francis S. Jiao
Email: fjiao AT

Interesting site, very rich in history. I closed one of the last remaining units designated ACWS (667th) at Hofn, Iceland in 1988 and was involved in some of the last Soviet Bear intercepts at Rockville during 1990-91. Since then the focus (somewhat blurry) of my job has been on the Counterdrug and Southwest Asia missions. I am currently an ACWS Operator but not have seen actual radar data in some time.

10/05/1998 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: john.tianen AT

To Scott Murdock.. I attempted to E-mail a reply to your note to me. What is your correct E-mail address? Regards, John Tianen

10/05/1998 00:00:00

Name: Stan Neuhaus
Email: jbh640 AT

Was stationed at the 771st AC&W Sqn in Cape Charles, Va 1957-59 & 640th AC&W in Stephenville, Nfld in 1959-60. Have numerous pictures in the pinetree line site of the 640th. Would like to hear from anyone at these stations at the same time period.

10/02/1998 00:00:00

Name: Jim Trowbridge
Email: jtrow AT

At Saglek, Labrador 1956. At Gettysburg, SD 1957 Radar Operator. Also at Mt. Tamalpais 1955 Anybody out there??

10/02/1998 00:00:00

Name: Art Oliver
Email: Trarevilo AT or Trarevilo

I was stationed at the 655th AC&W Squadron in Watertown, NY from March 1963 to July 1964. I helped install the FPS-27 RADAR at the Site. Would like to here from any one station there.

10/02/1998 00:00:00

Name: Art Oliver
Email: Trarevilo AT or Trarevilo

I was stationed at the 655th AC&W Squadron in Watertown, NY from March 1963 to July 1964. I helped install the FPS-27 RADAR at the Site. Would like to here from any one station there.