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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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09/29/1998 00:00:00

Name: J.P. Fullam
Email: pfullam AT

Great site. Was a 303 at 656 Radar Sq Saratoga Springs, NY early 70s from their to 667 ACWS Hofn Iceland, 82 TCF Hollam AFB NM (for all my sins a mobile radar), 932 ACWS Rockville Iceland, Air Forces Iceland Keflivak Iceland. If I can be of any assistenance please contact me. J.P.

09/29/1998 00:00:00

Name: Randy Loftis
Email: randyloftis AT

I was a weapons controller at the 709th AC&W Sq., Ft. Yukon, Alaska in 1970-71. I would like to locate some of the guys that served with me and see if they would be interested in a reunion. Would you know if the 709th has an Email address? Mailing address? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Randy Loftis

09/28/1998 00:00:00

Name: Dean Boys
Email: ec-121 AT

Was not in AC&W, was in AEW&C flew out of Otis AFB and McClellan on the EC-121.

09/28/1998 00:00:00

Name: John Beach
Email: jbeach7068 AT

with the 607 AC&W Korea 1952 to 1953 and would like any info on the history of the Sqdn Thanks

09/28/1998 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

Until recently, no-one cared much about The Cold War, since it ended. The cable TV networks of A&E, Discovery and History Channel are changing that, so NOW the true story of how close the world came to nuclear holocast is being told. Those who served at their AC&W stations, put up with the cold, the loneliness and the endless drills and simulations did as much as anyone to prevent the Russians from attacking North America. Ladies & gentlemen, stand tall. You served your country as well as the cause of freedom. To the many thousands of Canadian and American military personnel, as well as all civilians who silently worked the RADRON and AC&W sites.....THANK YOU! God bless you.

09/28/1998 00:00:00

Name: John J. Ronchetti, Sr.
Email: j_ronchetti AT

Looks like a great site. I was stationed at the 692nd Radar Squadron in Baudette, MN from 11/64 thru 2/66. I was then sent to the 810th Radar Squadron in Winston-Salem, NC. I was there from 3/66 thru 10/67. I worked in T-2 (305x1). Like to hear from anyone stationed at either site.

09/27/1998 00:00:00

Name: Bob Eagle
Email: reagle AT

A very informative site. I hope that this research will evolve into a comprehensive book on the U.S. Air Defense network during the Cold War.

09/25/1998 00:00:00

Name: TSGT.(Ret)Roland T. Rocha
Email: Roley0812 AT

I was assigned to the719th AC&W Sq. at Sparrevohn Jan.66 to Jan. 67.I was one of the Top Camp Radar Maintenance troops. I was there before television came to Alaska. As a part time job, I ran the movie projector for our entertainment every night. I remember many nights at the club. I remember the U.S.O. shows that came out to entertain us. Whatever happened to Charlie Gasser and Wrong Way Corrigan? Our good dog Shitface was a good companion. I came there from the 664th Radar Sq. in Bellefontaine, Ohio and left there to go to Tactical Air Command at Shaw AFB,S.C. Salutes from a former Top Camp Maintenance troop....

09/24/1998 00:00:00

Name: Tony Boyle Maj USAF Ret..
Email: boyleto AT

Gene, Great site ! I was an intercept controller for over twenty years. My first assigment was the 703 AC&W Squadron, Texarkana AR. in 1963 after about 18 months I was assigned to the 923 AC&W squadron Hopedale Labrador for one year. After Labrador Iwent to the 552 AEW & C Wing flying as a crewmember on EC-121D radar aircraft I had 8 , 179 day TDY tours in SEA flying out of Vietnam and Thailand. I also had a tour a at Syracuse N.Y. in SAGE at Hancock Field. I also had a tour in Japan at Fuch AS Tokyo worked with the Japanese BADGE system. Had two tours in Korea one at a Joint USAF/ROKAF CRC and was USAF DET Commander at a Joint USAF/ROKAF CRP and assorted other staff assignments in the US and overseas. I find your site fasinating great info it brings back many memories. In your site listing you mention emblems as I recall bnack in the early to mid sixties patches were worn normally on flight suits not normally on fatigues. I know the two AC&W units I was in during that time did not have patches/emblems. Some units may have designed their own but I dont think they were approved or offically recognized by the ADC. Keep up the good work please feel free to contact if I can be of help. I am still active in the radar field working a civilian contractor for the Northrop Grumman Corp at Robins AF GA as a Principal Training Analyst on the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar, Joint STARS , E-8C aircraft. I am the manager for Simulator operations for aircrew training. Again nice site.

09/23/1998 00:00:00

Name: M. Schrettenbrunner
Email: mschrettenbrunner AT

I spent several years at AC&W sites in the U.S. (Lockport AFS/Saratoga Springs AFS) and in Alaska (Murphy Dome) during the late 50s and into the 60s. If I can help, let me know how!

09/22/1998 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

Ray Newman! Your e-mail address does not work. I tried several times. Please e-mail me so I can return a message to you. Thanks

09/22/1998 00:00:00

Name: Robert Bolton
Email: r_bolton AT

Outstanding, very nice work on this web site. Brings back lots of memories. After retraining at Keesler in 1966 I served mostly in search radar maintenance in various capacities at Mill Valley AFS, CA, Clark AB, PI, Makah AFS, WA, Rockville AFS, Iceland, Antigo AFS, WI, St. Albans AFS, VT, We decommissioned Antigo and St. Albans and retired from Gibbsboro AFS, NJ in 1981.

09/22/1998 00:00:00

Name: Prentiss Andrews
Email: dartie AT

Served 1965-1969. Was Weapons Controller at 728th Tactical Control SQ, Shaw A.F.B., S.C. and Det. 3, 623 AC&W SQ., Yoza Dake, Okinawa.

09/21/1998 00:00:00

Name: George D. Kasparian
Email: GK389 AT AOL.COM

Was assigned to 27th Air Division at Norton AFB, San Bernardino, CA during 1952. This was HQ for AC&W stations at Boron, Santa Rosa Island, San Clemente Is., and ??. This site brought back some fond recollections of a long ago era. George

09/21/1998 00:00:00



09/20/1998 00:00:00

Name: Larry "Looney" Larson, MSGT, (USAF Reserve Retired)
Email: HDLooney1 AT

I was the supply guy! 780th, Fortuna AFS,ND Mar74 - Aug76 met my wife, Kim Bland (father Wayne Bland,also USAF member) 757th, Blaine AFS,WA Aug76 - Aug78 756th, Finland AFS,MN Aug78 - Oct80, I locked the gates at this one, last active duty member assigned there. Fond memories of all these sites. Finished up service with the Reserves @ the 934th in Minneaoplis.

09/20/1998 00:00:00

Name: Ray Newman
Email: rnewman AT

Worked at 641 AC&W Melville Air Station from March 1970, Until it was turned over to the Canadian Forces on July 1, 1971. This Page brought back many fond memories Cannot believe its been 27 years

09/19/1998 00:00:00

Name: Gale D. Pace
Email: pace4038 AT

595th SAW Bn. WW2

09/16/1998 00:00:00

Name: William L. Hatfield
Email: thehat AT

Spent 14 yrs in AC&W 303X2 & 30090. Will check thru my STUFF for info on the sites I was on.

09/16/1998 00:00:00

Name: Charles E. (Chuck) Rowland
Email: therowlands AT

Except for one year with SAC (ground and airborne radar), and a tour with NATO (but still working with ground radar), spent my entire career in AC&W and RADRON radar maintenance. Have photos from every site/station/outfit. Great idea to have a web page, and I hope I can contribute some stuff that will bring back memories for other guys.

09/14/1998 00:00:00

Name: Jesse W. Shanks Col. Ret. USAF
Email: Gramps26 AT

Was stationed at several of these in the conus as well as Alaska. What a wonderful source for info. Thanks

09/08/1998 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: john.tianen AT

Congratulations to Gene on the outstanding job he has done and is still doing to make this web site a success. I served from July 61 to July 65 as a 30352 Radar Repairman. I spent about a year at Keesler in the 3383rd Squadron then on to the 932nd AC&W Squadron at Rockville, Iceland. I was there in October 62 during the Cuban Missle Crisis when the Russians were sending Bear bombers into our air defense area. What a time!! After Iceland I spent the rest of my enlistment at the 656th Radar Squadron in Saratoga Springs, NY. I also grew up in Watertown, NY in sight of the 655th Radar Squadron. I would like to hear from any AC&W vets who served at Keesler, Iceland, Saratoga or Watertown. Regards, John

09/08/1998 00:00:00

Name: Larry R. Burfield
Email: burfield AT

Served with the 36th Air Div HQ, Topsham Maine and with the 640th AC&W SQ, Stephenville, NF..send e-mail with address for current info on buddies and 1999 NF gathering.. or leave voice mail 614-850-3112

09/08/1998 00:00:00

Name: David A. Hoodenpyle
Email: david.hoodenpyle AT

I was stationed at the 692nd Baudette AFS, MN from 68-73 with one year (71) at the 678th Tyndall AFB in FL. I worked on the BUIC (Back-up intercept control) Burroughs computer. Along with our sister site, the 665th Calumet AFS in MI, we were the back up for the Sage Direction Center, Duluth AFB, MN, which was part of the 23rd Air Division. BUIC sites were able to scramble and direct aircraft intercepts and had the capability to fire BOMARC Missiles. Please, come visit me at , I can tell you more.

09/07/1998 00:00:00

Name: allen l. moore
Email: allen.l.moore AT

wonderful what you are trying to do! I spent my 22 year caree in ADCOM as an AC&W Operator - ground and airborne! GOOD LUCK!

09/07/1998 00:00:00

Name: Henry C. Frautschy
Email: HFrautschy AT

779th Radar Squadron at Opheim Montana from July 62-October 63 Assigned to Ground-Air Com. site as radio repairman. A2C.

09/07/1998 00:00:00

Name: Kenny L Jones
Email: kjones AT

Great Site. I was stationed at the 754th Radar Sq. Port Austin AFS sit MI from May 1977 to Sep 80. Worked on the AN/FPS-24. Would like to here from anyone that was stationed there.

09/07/1998 00:00:00

Name: James McNamara
Email: JamesEMc AT AOL.COM

Tours at Fortuna ND (68-70), Caswell ME (70-72) Minot ND (72-74) Templehof Berlin Germany (74-78) Wheeler HI (ANG Advisor) (82-86)- Many other non AC&W.

09/07/1998 00:00:00

Name: Lorne A. Stainger
Email: johngs AT

A friend at put me onto this site. I hope I can find some of my old airforce collegues. I served 30 yrs in USA and Canada. Remember what Churchill said: Boys of the navy, men of the army, and gentleman of the airforce... Lorne A. Stainger Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada email:

09/07/1998 00:00:00

Name: Emma Fox
Email: LLRedFox AT

Thank you one and all on yet another beautiful Labor Day for giving all Americans a chance to realize their own dreams

09/06/1998 00:00:00

Name: Greg Carbaugh
Email: radars AT

I had a recent opportunity to spend some time at the old Makah Air Force Station with my Army NG unit. I have been searching every place that I could think of to find this AFS mission, thanks, you are the only ones that have had any information. The station still looks like a military post. I even had the chance to eat at the Mess hall (Army food though). The emblems were still on the door, faded but still there. I was regular army for years in communications. Old military sites fascinate me, to bad they are being forgotten and not made a part of our nations history. Thanks, Greg Carbaugh

09/06/1998 00:00:00

Email: CWilson940 AT

Thank you for the memories. Wonderful web site that many former AC&W folks will appreciate. Would be nice if you had a people directory so name, address and telephone number could be submitted so former friends & colleagues could be located.

09/06/1998 00:00:00

Name: Timothy John Gaddo
Email: tjgadd19 AT

I spent about 18 months at the 692nd in Baudette, MN 1969-1970. From there I went to the 711th at Cape Lisborn, Alaska for 1 year. And from there it was off to a small AF AC&W site on an Army base on Stock Island, near Key West, Florida. Theres a lot of distance between those sites. Would like to hear from any old friends. Tim

09/04/1998 00:00:00

Name: Theodore A. (Ted) Grosz
Email: TGrosz3344 AT

Received my Interceptor Controller training at Tyndall AFB in 1957. In May 1957 I was then sent to the 924th ACWRON, Saglek AFS, Labrador for a 1 year Tour of Duty. After Saglek, I was sent to the 740th ACWRON Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, South Dakota. Thank you for the great work you are doing on this Web Site. Appreciate hearing from anyone who served with me during my Tour of Duty. Again thanks, Ted.