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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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12/31/1998 00:00:00

Name: John w Howell, CMSgt, Ret
Email: jwhowellsr AT

Wonderful New Years present. Started my career in 65 and retired in 85 and always was in Radar Maintenance. I spent most of my years overseas. Started in the 623hd Det 4 at Okino went to Nam from there. Was assigned to the 619th TCS Det 11 Hon Tre Island. Then I went to the 621st at Udorn Thailand. From 1970 to 1973 I was assigned to the 775th at Cambria AFS Ca. Fantastic tour of duty at Cambria was followed by a two year tour in Bangkok Thailand and then I turned down an assignment to go to North Turo Mass for the Philippines. Spent almost four years at Camp ODonell working the acquisition radar for the Crow Valley Electronic Warfare Range. Was selected for E-8 and sent to HQ Tactical Air Command as the Acquisition Chief for Threat Emitter Logistics. Got promoted to Chief and moved to March AFB Ca as the South East ROCC Maintenance Superintendent. Visited many of the West Coast JSS Radar Stations that were still open in 83-85 of course many of the original Radar Stations were clsoed. Retired at March in 85 and Im still involved with Electronic Warfare Ranges. Im now the Range Manager at the Navy Bombing Range in Florida. Your Web Site brings to light all the sites I heard about from fellow 303s but I never actually saw. I keep looking for familiar names, so far I found one and Im forwarding E-mail to him. Will continue to scan the site and many thanks for the memories.

12/30/1998 00:00:00

Name: Bill Ryan
Email: BillR2935 AT

I started in the 623 AC&WS on Okinawa in 1947 and ended in Saudi in ELF 1 in 1983. Most of my time was in Tactical Control rather than Air Defense.

12/29/1998 00:00:00

Name: John J Friel
Email: jfriel1401 AT

I served in four AC*W Squadrons in my 21 year career in ADC. 760th in early 50s. 635th and the 823rd in late 50s and at 762nd in the 60s. I had two three year tours at the 760th. If I can add anything I would be happy to. My first date at Colville was in April 1951. Had a break to Korea in 1953 and then back to Colville. Immediately prior to this I was at Silver Lake outside of Seattle waiting for my assignment to Colville. Let me know if you would like any input. John Friel

12/29/1998 00:00:00

Name: John Friel
Email: jfriel1401 AT

It would be interesting to be able to put a list of the Commnanders, Ops Officer and Ops NCOIC maybe even the first Sgts for the various AC&W units we served in. How do we send information to the WEBMASTER?

12/28/1998 00:00:00

Name: Ed Misiur
Email: misiur AT

I had the pleasure of sending a year at Cape Romanzoff in 1969-1970. I was assigned to the AFCS Comm Sq det that provided gnd to gnd & gnd to air radio and the like supporting the AC&W folks.

12/28/1998 00:00:00

Email: william AT

Having started my military career in 1965 with ADC, I am always glad to see the history of the Defenders of SAC. Would like to see more on the FISs and the many command exercises. Keep up the great work!!

12/27/1998 00:00:00

Name: Ed Gallagher
Email: sgnlzero AT

12 years in AC&W. Alaska (Campion AFS), Borfink Bunker Germany, mobile TACS (Macdil AFB), BUIC (Tyndall AFB), JAX Naval Air Station (20th Norad Region radar site)and North East ROCC (Griffis AFB, NY)

12/26/1998 00:00:00

Name: retired Lorne A. Stainger
Email: johngs AT

Merry Christmas to all and best in New Year. Looking for old commrades in Air Force as was under Canadian AirForce, but stationed in USA and Canada. Respectfully, Lorne Stainger

12/26/1998 00:00:00

Name: J.P.Coady
Email: jip AT

Looking for old photos of AC&W Station #642, Red Cliff, Newfoundland, Canada. Can anyone help me with photos or other info? Also looking for photos of Argentia Naval/Air Force base, Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. (No, its not an AC&W Station.)

12/23/1998 00:00:00

Name: Bruce Wisz
Email: hmfwic AT

As an ex 273xx/276xx, I really enjoyed this web page and its facts. Thanks for making it.

12/21/1998 00:00:00

Name: JP Fullam
Email: pwalfullam AT

Radar maintenance 656 Rad Sq, Saratoga Springs, NY 74-76, 667 AC&W Hofn, Iceland 77-78; 82 TCF Hollman AFB, NM 78-80; 932 AC7W Rockville, Iceland 80-82; HQ Air Forces Iceland, 82-84; 392 ECRS Mtn Home ,ID 84-85 and then retrained into crypto maint. Hardest thing I ever had to do: train out of AC&W.

12/19/1998 00:00:00

Name: Mark Morgan
Email: Any day now... AT

Hey, Gene...Hopefully you read the guest book. Ive moved to Southern Oregon to take an editors position with a weekly newspaper. If you want to update my address, its Mark Morgan 291 N. 10th St, Central Point, OR 97502 (541)664-7240. I should be on the net after the first of the year; in the meantime, itll be another two-three months before Im able to send copies of the pub to anyone who writes for it. Ill check back in with you once I get set up. MK.

12/18/1998 00:00:00

Name: Joe Cooper
Email: cooper AT

This is a great site. I signed the guestbook a couple weeks ago. I have since changed my EMAIL - ID its now Im a former 27350, was in SAGE at BOADS (1963) and DUADS (1963-1966).

12/18/1998 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

In addition to my business e-mail address, I have a new personal e-mail address. While I can still be contacted at my business e-mail, I prefer to be contacted at WOW!!! This site just keeps getting better. Have a safe and happy holiday.

12/18/1998 00:00:00

Name: A1C Richard A. Dutton
Email: pigrilo AT

ground radar technician 1955-59 and later 1960-63 augmentation technicain for RCA Service Co, 754, Port Austin Mi (55-57) 639, Lowther, Ont (58) 660, MacDill AFB, FL (59) 707, Grand Rapids, Mn (60-62) 791, Hanna City, Il (63)

12/17/1998 00:00:00

Name: Tony Ocampo
Email: Wakanai AT

First time visitor to your web site. It is great ! I was assigned to ACW sites on the West Coast, Alaska ( Indian Mtn and King Salmon), Japan ( Site 18, 848 ACW) during the years - 1950 -1958 , both as enlisted man and officer. Retired as Lt/Col. Your web site sure brings back memories of places I had not thought of in years. Thanks.

12/16/1998 00:00:00



12/16/1998 00:00:00

Name: Bob Henson
Email: Bobbethens AT

I was a 17XX (weapons Controller). First assignent: BOADS, Hancock Field, NY, in 1964. Other assignments: Fort Lee AFS, VA; Havre AFS, MT; Luke AFB, AZ; Lt. Laguna AFS, CA; March AFB, CA. Retired from AF Reserve in 1989.

12/15/1998 00:00:00

Name: Dean V. Jensen
Email: reddog AT

Original assignment was 759th AC&W Sq, Fort Stevens, OR which moved to Naselle, WA. Later served at North Bend, OR and even later at Murphy Dome and Ladd AFB in Alaska. These pages are a swell idea.

12/12/1998 00:00:00

Name: Sgt. Ruben "Radar" Rodriguez
Email: pilotradar AT

OUTSTANDING SITE, Finally, a website designed for those of us electronic warriors who fought the most desolate war of all--guarding against the most devastating weapons mankind has ever devised... THE COLD WAR! I served as a 276XX AC&W (Radar Operator) with the 655th, Watertown NY, 1974-76, and 748th at Kotzebue, AK from 1976-77, before being accepted as an Aircraft Controller for the 7th ACCS EC-130 Airborne Battlestaff Squadron formerly at Keesler AFB, MS. Sgt. Ruben Radar Rodriguez, Corpus Christi Sheriffs Dept, Texas. Please also visit

12/12/1998 00:00:00

Name: Gene Lake
Email: GLake65849 AT

Im looking for info on the AC&W sites in Spain. I know 872 AC& W Sq was at Constantina AS and 874 AC&W was at Inoges AS. What were the units at Villatobas, Rosas, Soller, and other sites?

12/11/1998 00:00:00

Name: Gene Lake
Email: GLake65849 AT

Im interested in old (closed) AFBs and also AC&W sites in Spain. Scott Murdock said you had lots of info. Its usually pretty difficult getting info on sites since the military only records history on units.

12/10/1998 00:00:00

Name: Harry Palek
Email: hplawn AT

Assigned to 656th AC&W Sqdn Schenectady NY later relocated site to Saratoga Srpings NY

12/10/1998 00:00:00

Name: Mike LaRoche
Email: mikelaroche AT

I am so thankful for this web site, its really brought back a lot of memories, as I type this beside my keyboard is a 644th Radar Sqdn patch. a couple of photos, and a half dozen slides that Im getting ready to send for addition to this web site. These are things that I hadnt seen in 22 years, and as I look at them now it seems like yesterday. For me this website has been a reference point back to a time that I remembered so well but had seemed so far away. Those times are a little closer now. 20th Air Division, Ft. Lee AFS 1973-74 644th RADS Richmond AFS 1974-1976

12/07/1998 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

December 7, 1941...A day that will live in infamy... with those words, FDR notified the American public of the attack, and beseeched Congress to declare war on Japan the following day.. It is a sad irony that the invading Japanese planes were spotted and reported by AC&W operators. Their report was confused with an incoming flight of B17s, therefore no further action was taken. This lesson served North America well, hence the construction of the Dew, Mid-Canada and Pinetree Radar networks, as well as additional radar sites in the US. We did our job well. No invading aircraft attacked North America on our watch. God rest the souls of Pearl Harbor victims.

12/07/1998 00:00:00

Name: Joe Cooper
Email: J.Cooper AT

Terrific site. It provided info to fill in some details. I was a 27350 from 1962-1966. Went to SAGE and Manual schools. Worked in SAGE at Stewart AFB, BOADS(63)and Duluth AFB, DUADS (63-66).

12/06/1998 00:00:00

Name: Woody Breedlove
Email: woodyb AT

Just wanted to let anyone interested know that there is a web page for the 765th Charleston AFS reunion. It is under construction at this time. Also want to correct the last message I posted. It is not the 785th. Dick Cynewski is setting up the web page. you can reach him at if you have any inputs. The web page is Anyone stationed at the 726th TCS at Shaw AFB in the mid 1950s, please contact me. I went from there to Korea 608th at Pangyang Do for a year in 1956. Then to Topsham AFS (SAGE) Maine 1961 to 961st Otis AFB flying as a 27676. 1963 to Tatalina AFS, Alaska (717th) Back to Topsham fo 5 great years. Then to Kume Jima AFS Okinawa. then to 764th St. Albans, Vermont for 4 great years. Then to Charleston AFS then retire to a life of real estate sales. Would love to hear from any of my old friends.

12/06/1998 00:00:00

Name: Donald Purciarele
Email: Longfellow1291 AT

Nice pages. Served with the 606th AC&W - 502 TCG near Kimpo, Korea 52-53; wonder what happened to those unit?

12/06/1998 00:00:00

Name: Cecil Allnutt
Email: rallnutt AT

Stationed with 762 AC&W at North Truro MA. May of 1951 to January 1953. Then assigned to the 11th Air Div,ADCC, Ladd AFB, Fairbanks AK., from Feb 1953 to Jan 1955. Like to hear from the crew!

12/03/1998 00:00:00

Name: Roger L. Anderson
Email: rogera AT

Enjoyed you site very much. Way too many bad links though. Keep up the good work.

12/02/1998 00:00:00

Name: Thomas Day
Email: Tom810430 AT

Found your page very interesting, since I was stationed on a radar site for 2 years in North Dakota! Am adding to my netminder list so I can keep in touch as changes occur. Thanks for the info you had on my site.

12/01/1998 00:00:00

Name: Bill Rayfield
Email: wrayfield AT

Stationed at 765th Radar Sq, Charleston Me from 64 - 68, 70 -72, 679th Radar Sq, Jacksonville Fl from 69 - 70, 635th Radar Sq, Dauphin Is, Al from 72 - 74, and 762nd Radar Sq, N. Truro Ma from 79 - 83. Merry Christmas to all you old 303s. Ed Class, Ill be in touch.