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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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05/30/2015 00:00:00

Name: Tom Page
Email: historian AT

Recent news articles reveal that the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) plans to install a new missile-defense discrimination radar at Clear AFS, AK. This radar, which will operate in the X-Band, will not replace the AN/FPS-123 "PAVE PAWS" radar. Rather, it will supplement it. The PAVE PAWS radar will detect incoming missiles (reentry vehicles), and then the X-Band radar will discriminate between closely-spaced objects so that the Ground-Based Interceptors can tell which is the real target and which are booster fragments or decoys. This new radar will perform the same function as the Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX). See

05/26/2015 17:48:54

Name: Robert Cavanaugh
Email: bobcavanaughnmb AT

US Army Tactical Director, Niagara ARB, Lockport, NY

05/21/2015 17:19:33

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

George Bisson: Look at the Documents on our 902nd pages. You'll find the marker there. - Gene

05/18/2015 13:20:01

Name: S/Sgt George A. Bisson,USAF&USARMY
Email: geobis66 AT

I was looking for the marker for 902nd AC&W Mile City ,Mont

05/08/2015 11:24:38

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Retired CMsgt David S. Hawk passed away on May 7, 2015 after a battle with cancer. At his request, there will be no funeral service. Dave and I served together at the 656th in the 1960s. I will miss his fellowship at 656th and Iceland radar sites veterans reunions.

Gene - Dave's name is in several site rosters. Can you please make sure his status is changed to DECEASED. Thanks...

05/03/2015 00:00:00

Name: Tom Page
Email: historian AT

This interesting link was posted on "The Cold War Museum" Facebook page. The linked webpage shows some great historic photos of what the Soviets had for air defense back in 1955.

05/02/2015 17:00:18

Name: Jim Eyles
Email: jime AT

For Debra Keipp. I was at Point Arena from 1968 thru 1970. Never heard of the guy you are looking for. Never heard of a DDS Form 332 either! AF Forms 332 were used as Work Requests through Base Civil Engineers however.

05/02/2015 02:31:47

Name: Debra Keipp
Email: debrakeipp AT

Anybody know of a guy named Fred Bell who says he was at the PA AFS? Anybody ever heard of him? When? Supposedly he used DDS form 332 to report to higher command UFO activity while stationed at the 776 Radar Squadron in Point Arena CA.

05/02/2015 00:00:00

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

To whomever reported error:
"Can not locate the 684 Radron located on Mt. Lemmon, AZ. I was a Philco Tech Rep CTSP there fron 1 Jan 1964 to March 1965. We commuted up to Mt. Lemmon daily from Tucson, ( Davis-Monthon AFB."

Works fine if you don't abbreviate "Mount" (Mt.) or if you use a unique part of the location name, such as just "Lemmon", or just 684.