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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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11/29/2013 15:57:08

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

We've found a problem with the display of vintage photos for a site from the thumbnail display that seems to only happen on the Microsoft Internet Explorer. I you get the situation where clicking on the thumbnail image does nothing, you can try using a different browser (Chrome or Firefox work OK). I'll keep chasing this, because the vast preponderance of browsers is the MSIE browser, which by the way, has never, ever adhered to W3 standards, always shooting for "standards" of its own.


11/29/2013 13:13:49

Name: Jim
Email: jime AT

Working fine here Jack and Gene.

11/29/2013 08:53:39

Name: Jack Kerr
Email: jackr_ker AT

Gene Photos wont go to Full size when clicked on. At least for Red Bluff, Mica Peak, Cottonwood, Pt Arena etc

11/27/2013 18:23:40

Name: Tom Page
Email: historian AT

Howard Phillips: Yes, we can see your message.

11/27/2013 15:08:54

Name: Howard J PHILLIPS
Email: h_j_phillips AT


11/27/2013 11:15:38

Name: luther shaw
Email: loshaw AT


11/26/2013 14:43:58

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

The problem with the Interactive Maps has been corrected.

11/26/2013 11:06:16

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

The problem with the Interactive Maps has been corrected.

11/25/2013 14:39:58

Name: GEne
Email: hq AT

There's been an error reported with the interactive Maps for the various radar sites. I've confirmed the error, and will be working on this to get it straightened out. This function uses Google Maps, and it looks like there's been a change in the software interface to the Google software.


11/25/2013 00:28:36

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Radar veteran Archie Fairbrother passed away on October 2, 2013 in Maine. He was a 30372 and served at Adair, OR, Charleston, ME, Saratoga Springs, NY, Cape Romanzof, AK, and Hofn, Iceland. RIP.....

Gene - I tried to change his status on the 656th roster but was unable to.

11/24/2013 17:10:11

Name: Charles W. Britt, Sr.
Email: brittsservicecenter AT


11/23/2013 14:38:34

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

I've gotten at least one error report for a Video of Texas Tower 2. That may take a while to get corrected. The video was stored with some very old software that might just not work any longer (RealPlayer of at least 10 years old). I'll see if I can do something about this, but please don't get in a hurry.



11/23/2013 14:36:44

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

I'm getting quite a few error reports for the software that's displaying images, such as you might get when you click on a vintage photo thumbnail. However, all of these that are reported are working fine here. If you're having an error or issue with displaying images from the photo/thumbnails, would you send me an email describing just what you're getting (or not getting if that's the case) to

Thanks, I want to get this cleared up.


11/22/2013 08:41:50

Name: Jack Kerr
Email: jackr_ker AT

2014 Connie Reunion USAF AEW&C, USAF Recon, and Navy Willie Victor will be held May 1-4 at Harrahs Las Vegas. For details and questions contact The Reunion Brat at or 360-663-2521. If you only need Registration Form and Brochure contact me, Jack Kerr

11/20/2013 21:09:30

Name: Estes Bazor
Email: erbazor AT

I am glad that a Museum has been established. A lot of heart and soul went into setting up, running and inspecting all of the RADAR sites. I am proud to have had a small part in that history. I was a Q-47/AN-GPA 124 technician at the 665th Calumet AFS, MI from 1982-1986. Then I served at the Southwest Air Defense Sector as a Computer technician from 86-89 and then as a Quality Control inspector for SWADS and as an Air Force inspector working with the FAA to inspect all of the SW RADAR sites from 89-93. Good times and outstanding people all around to include all of those FAA RADAR site technicians and Inspectors. I am proud to have served with all of them.

11/20/2013 20:09:27

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

I've been getting a couple of error reports on the new software I've not been able to find.

The first report has to do with the "What's New" page. It works fine for me as far as I can tell.

The second report has to do with thumbnails of site Photographs. Likewise, this looks fine here.

If you've reported either of these two problems in the last couple of days, would you please email me with a little more info on the problems you're seeing. Email:


11/20/2013 12:00:38

Name: David Haas
Email: daje2 AT

I was stationed at Benton from March 1952(after returning from Korean war)Departed in late to be assigned to Bolling Field.

11/19/2013 08:08:09

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

RE: incorrect JPG' extension. Thanks for the note, I'm working on it.

11/18/2013 18:14:00

Name: Jim
Email: jime AT

Seems all the photographs except recent have been modified with a JPG' extension. This is not a compatible format. I appreciate the updates, but would like to be able to see them.

11/18/2013 00:29:20

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

Seems you have used JPG' as an extension for your JPG file portion on the Pictures page. Doesn't work.

11/16/2013 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Announcing the 2014 reunion of the 656th Radar Squadron (Saratoga Springs Air Force Station). The reunion will be held in Saratoga Springs, NY from September 26 thru 29. Details about the reunion including hotel rates, group events, and registration information can be found on the 656th website at Friends and family of 656th vets are always welcome.

11/16/2013 00:00:00

Name: jose mario salinas
Email: usbp87 AT

I was in 963rd all of 1961-3/64
My fellow crewchiefs were Sgt Brown and Sgt Blizzard

11/14/2013 00:00:00

Name: roy stevens ( butch)
Email: butchgardens AT

Det. 11 619 t.c.s. Nov. 68 - Nov. 69 I worked in the power plant.

11/12/2013 00:00:00

Name: Roy Harbour
Email: roylh38 AT

This is an update on my email address.

11/12/2013 00:00:00

Name: john hall
Email: jhall1944 AT

Was station Gunter AFB 62-64. Work in MOADS 32 air defence sector in the (Block-ad)

11/11/2013 00:00:00

Name: rod ingerson
Email: ingersonrod5 AT

750,865, houma, west mesa, xphilco rep,ect anyone out there???

11/05/2013 00:00:00

Name: Ted Strickland
Email: encephalit AT

I'm looking for a patch or a good picture of the patch for the 751st AC&W Sq, Mt Laguna AFS, CA. I am working on a presentation piece and I haven't been able to even find a picture of this patch. I appreciate your help, thanks

Ted Strickland

11/05/2013 00:00:00

Name: Gary Fulbright
Email: g.fulbright AT

I am looking for anyone who knew weapons controller Albert (Al) Meyer, who served at Sado Shima AFS in the late 1950s. Thanks for any news.

11/03/2013 00:00:00

Name: Dick Franklin
Email: bctofs AT

Stationed at Geiger Field, 823 ACW Squadron 1958-1960 Previously stationed 705th ACW Squadron King Salmon Alaska

11/02/2013 00:00:00

Name: Wayne Grover
Email: Author001 AT

Looking for Jim Trevethan's widow. Jim married a German girl from Wurzburg. I have a question about the March 16 45 bombing.