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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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01/31/2002 00:00:00

Name: Gil Hamilton
Email: gham_ AT

Hey folks!! This is a great site! Just wanted to check in with a list of places i`d been. Keesler tech school..Nov `65-Apr `66/ 32 AD(sage)@Montgomery Al..Apr`66-Sept`67/ 623 ACW Sq Det 1(Miyako Jima)Sept.`67-Sept`68... /729 ACW Sq(TAC)Eglin aux fld 3 Sept`68-Feb`69. discharged... re-enlisted /July`71-Nov`72 4756 ADGP Tyndall/ Nov`72-Oct`73 711 ACW Sq Cape Lisburne AK(brrr!)/Nov`73-Apr`75 Ft.Lee, Va/ May`75-Jun`76 AK Norad Region Control Center(ANRCC)Elmendorf. Bootstrap Jun`76-Jun`77 OTS Sept.`77. Went to Wpns Cont. school at tyndall early 1978, stationed at the 678 ADGP/Ricmo-ASO/Controller.. Instructor ASO/Ricmo/ECCM crse, Keesler Jan`80-Dec`82. 11 Tac Con Gp Elmendorf Jan`83-Jan`86. Went back to Keesler to teach, retired in Apr 1988. Guess what? Back at keesler... teaching three levels and loving it!! Radar Forever!!

01/30/2002 00:00:00

Name: Bud Fellers
Email: budfellers AT

I have purchased a ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE FLIGHT JACKET that once belonged to a Canadian Colonel Platz. In the late 70`s, he served in the United States with the 24th Air Division at Malmstrom AFB, as an instructor while on an exchange program. Owning and wearing his jacket would mean a lot more to me if I knew some of its history. Can you help? Bud Fellers Greenville, SC

01/21/2002 00:00:00

Name: John Rosso
Email: jjrosso12 AT hotmailcom

Would love to find and talk with members of following ACWSqs: 610thACWSq(Southern Japan), 848thACWSq(Northern Japan)Det 30,45,28. 904thACWSq(Winslow AZ-1956), 687thACWSq(West Mesa, NMex 1959-61), 764thACWSq(St Albans Vt-1951) I have a web pages on the net for 610th and 848th.

01/20/2002 00:00:00

Name: Edward R. Collins, CMsgt USAF (Ret)
Email: ecollins AT

Served in AC&W Radar(ADC) from Oct 60 thru August 63 at the 646RADRON, Highlands, NJ (60-62)then trf to 7l7th RADRON, Tatalina AFS, Alaska (62-63) On completion of Remote tour trf to Keesler AFB as instructor w/3391 Sch Sq and later as Training Specialist with Hq 3380 Tech School on the ANFPS27 SIMMs Training Service Test and the DOD/USAF Training Service Test (C,X and Y training service test. In 1969 did a Remote Tour w/USAF MAAG, Teheran, Iran (Hamadan Iran). Returned to Keesler Tech Tng Center in 70 to resume assignmemnt in the Training Svc Test. In 73 returned to Teheran,Iran as member to Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT)(73 -76) In 1976 reassigned to Detachment 6, 2md Radar Bomb Scoring Sq (SAC). Retired USAF 31 August 79 w/29 yr, 6 mos and 7 days service. Home Address, PO Box 505, Petoskey, Michigan,49770--Phone (231)347-9599 FAX (231)348-3637. More Info on request to those interested in renewing old acquaintance.

01/19/2002 00:00:00

Name: Lawrence R Turner
Email: popsturner AT

Trying to locate some of the guys i was with at P MOUNTAIN in 1959 and 1960. A Charley Towns a Robert Wilson and Frank Lara

01/17/2002 00:00:00

Name: Tom Blatch
Email: tjds1 AT

Worked for TransAir Servicing Aircraft at Hall Beach (Fox Main)in 1961 met many fine American Servicemen up there. Just read DewLine `war`stories

01/16/2002 00:00:00

Name: Robert E. Schmitz
Email: Bobaf7ret AT

MSG U.S.A.F Ret. 1948 - 1968

01/12/2002 00:00:00

Name: Charles A. Baker
Email: chazzyB33 AT

I really enjoy this site, and I visit it often. It always evokes memories of the `good old days` in the Air Force, and of all the memories and good friends that I made. Over the years, I had the good fortune to be reunited with many friends as we were often stationed at more than one installation (AFS) together. In some ways, those were `the best years` of my life and I truly miss them, and the people with whom I served. Charlie Baker (Ssgt, AFSC 30372, AC&W Radar Technician 1971 - 1982)

01/11/2002 00:00:00

Name: Joseph (Mike Ash
Email: bintouch AT

Just found this site. This one and a couple others on AC&W sure bring back a lot of memories. 676th Antigo WI 57-58,788th Waverly IA 59-60 30352/30372 primary duty Gap Fillers Love to hear from others involved in same.

01/10/2002 00:00:00

Name: Paul Graham
Email: ipukapaul AT

687st West Mesa AFS, NM 1959-1961 621st Sado Shima, Japan 1958-1959

01/07/2002 00:00:00

Name: Dr. Paul Green
Email: AT

Great site, guys. Will be helpful to those of us currently `in the system` who are trying to sort through what was/is historically significant and then manage it appropriately. Let me know if I can assist in some way in the future. By the way, I have a limited number of hard copies of the `Searching the Skies` report and our other Cold War studies if your folks are interested.

01/06/2002 00:00:00

Name: Jon Buck
Email: jonbuck66 AT

I was stationed at the 681 AC&W Squadron between 1956 and 1960 would like to touch base with others from that time period.

01/06/2002 00:00:00

Name: Lawrence R. Turner
Email: popsturner AT

I am looking for two people I served with at the 931 ACW SQDN from may 1959 till may 1960 Maj Swan and Msgt Robert Wilson THANKS

01/06/2002 00:00:00

Name: Gary A. Payne
Email: gpayne1110 AT

Update to email address. See my note in Feb 01 page. Mike Gaylor - you out there?

01/05/2002 00:00:00

Name: Jim Trowbridge
Email: jtrow AT

Sampson Nov `53-Feb `54. Also Mt Tam 1955, Saglek 1956 and Gettysburg 1957. Anybody out there?

01/05/2002 00:00:00

Name: James Wilson Jr. (E-9 Ret)
Email: jamesjlwjr AT

Radar Tech. Served at 607th Korea, Tyndall AFB, 711th Cape Lisburne, 792nd Charleston S.C., 615th Germany (Prum), 810th Winston Salem, Keesler 9 level School, 609th Eufaula, Al, 752nd Sault St Marie, 714th Cold Bay Ak, Elmendorf AFB HQ AAC & 500th Contracting Sq. Chief of Radar Quality Assurance for initial Contract of Alaska AC&W Sites. Retired Aug 78 .

01/03/2002 00:00:00

Name: Clarence Moss
Email: clamos AT

Every time i visit this site i find something new. Keep up the good work for all of us old VETS.

01/02/2002 00:00:00

Name: James Wilson Jr.
Email: jamesjlwjr AT

Served 27 yrs as Radar Tech/Supt .at various AC&W sites. Retired Aug 78 at Elmendorf AFB AK. Would love to hear from persons who remember me.

01/01/2002 00:00:00

Name: Dick Murphy
Email: rmurph AT

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing all a healthy and happy New Year. Prosperous wouldn`t be bad either. Would enjoy hearing from any who served in the 645th Radar SQ. Patrick AFB. I served 62-65. Those were wonderful days of our youth. And what a `plum` assignment for a Radar Sq. member, the sunny beaches of Fla. Wow!! And uncrowded beaches before the population exploded and before the building of condo`s that blotted out the sun, well at least blotted out the view of the ocean and the beaches. Some of the names, no rank listed, Conrad, Arnold, Freeney, Liberta, Dorminy, Hassett, Burkhalter, Sackett,Puente,Jernigan. Enjoyed the Sq. level sports of basketball, softball. And to keep hydrated we consumed a lot of beer for our health. Best Wishes, God Bless America Dick Murphy

01/01/2002 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

Happy New Year to all you old `Cold War` warriors and especially to Gene and staff of the Online Air Defense Radar Museum! Thank you all gentlemen!