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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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12/31/2002 00:00:00

Name: J W "Bill" Castagno
Email: billc AT

Am already a member of Radomes, but just getting around to `logging on`. Service (PAFSC 29250) included tours at Wheelus AB, Tripoli, Libya (633rd ACWRON - Wheelus & Det 3 Benghazi) 56-58; Sault Ste Marie AFS, MI (753rd ACWRON) 58; Naha AB, Okinawa (623rd ACWRON - Naha & Det 4 Okino Erabu Shima) 58-60. Have been attempting to locate Marv Summerville & Doug Wiesner, who served with me at Wheelus. At the time, Marv lived in Oshkosh, WI, and Doug was from somewhere in SE MO. Would be glad to communicate with any who served in these locations. Oh yea, Happy New Year!

12/29/2002 00:00:00

Name: Gregor A. Manns
Email: gamesq AT

Stationed at Havre, MT AFS (AC&W)from 1961 to 1964

12/29/2002 00:00:00

Name: Glen Griffitts

As a radar operator in the late 50s,I served on `Gunpost Hill` near Kassel, (Rothwesten AB) Germany. Relocated to Wasserkuppe in 1958 after operations closed in Rothwesten. Wasserkuppe then became `Gunpost` with responsibility for ATC for Berin south air corridor + tatical interceptor control of the ADIZ. Little did I realize back then that the Wasserkuppe years would be considered among the best of my life. Interesting assignment and great friends!

12/28/2002 00:00:00

Name: Robert F. "Bob" Watkins, Ph.D.
Email: bob_jan61 AT

I was a Bendix Senior Engineer 1955 through 1960. I served on both FPS-3 and 3A and the FPS 20 site at the 770th AC&W SQ. Palermo, N>J> Palermo was the first signed on site in the SAGE program = the New York Air Defense Sector. I was the designated Sage Sys Engineer. The site commander was Maj (Later Col.) George Haws. If there are any Bendix folks living from that era, I would like to make contact with them. I live in Pueblo, Colorado, my hometown. I must tell you that my days of Tech Repping were the best of my 50 years of working in electronics.

12/26/2002 00:00:00

Name: Mike Smith
Email: Miwals9942 AT

I was stationed at Finley AFS ND Z-29 from Sept.61 thru July 64 and worked the 4 associated gap fillers most of 62&63. I really enjoyed the trip into the past. Thanks for all the good work. I did notice a small error of omision on the FUD report on Middle River P29D. The site was maintained by Finley AFS for all the time I was stationed there.

12/26/2002 00:00:00

Name: c.a. thigpen
Email: cthig AT

great site. i wondered what had happened to the old Air Weapons Controller site that featured the school at Tyndall. I see it has been incorporated into this site. Was assigned 747AC&W at Ellington, AFB, TX; Det 5, 621st TCS; and as instrutor at 3625th TTS.

12/26/2002 00:00:00

Name: Thomas E. Mayo
Email: temayo AT

I sure was suprised when i saw a picture of me on your website under the Alma Gap Filler in Alma Ga. I was also stationed on the tt#4 (texas towers) from 59-61. Had most of my tour on #4 which went down in Jan 61. I got off Nov 60 and spent the other part of my tour on #3. I knew most of those wonderful guys that gave their lives for their country. Keep up the good work I enjoyed your site very much. Do you know if Don Horton has an E-mail address. He was the person who submitted the pictures for the gap/filler section. Sincerly Tom Mayo

12/24/2002 00:00:00

Name: Dick Murphy
Email: rmurph AT

Merry Christmas to all. Hope that all you vets have abundant good health and happiness in the New Year. I served in the 645th Radar Sq. in Fla. 62-65. Would enjoy hearing from any of you folks from that time period. Being young and single at the time, it was a great place to be. Sun, beaches, girls, sports.....not necessarily in that order. :) I have mentioned some of the names previously,,,,,Col Puente, Lts. Arnold, Conrad, Mullen. Sgts. Burkhalter, Watkins, Dorminy, Sackett, Hassett?,Cauble, Liberta, McCain. Airmen Jergensen, Freeney. Those were good times, and I remember them fondly.

12/23/2002 00:00:00

Name: D. Cam Summers
Email: Csumm2 AT CS.Com

To all the guys that lived with all the trees and flowers at the 395th Early Warning Site, Cape Romanzof, Alaska, I wish the merriest of Christmas`s and remember the ones that we missed while `watching the scope` A/1C D. Cam Summers

12/22/2002 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Today`s paper (12-22-02) contained an article about European NATO soldiers suing Raytheon Corporation. The plaintiffs allege that radars manufactured between 1958 and 1994 failed to have adequate shielding from X-ray radiation emmited from various components. These X-rays are claimed to have sickened and/or killed technicians who worked on the radars. The article goes on to say that more than 450 German and other NATO soldiers filed a similar suit with Raytheon, GE and other radar equipment manufacturers. Have any USAF or Canadian radar vets experienced health problems as a result of exposure to radiation?

12/22/2002 00:00:00

Name: William M. Hull
Email: Bbillhull AT

I was assigned to the Mill Valley AFS in California from 1974 to 1976. It was fantastic to see some pictures as the site looked in the past. I was there in 2001 and it looked reasonably good. I hope that they make a museum at the site. Thanks for this Web site.

12/18/2002 00:00:00

Name: Gary Miller
Email: gkmiller AT

HI all I have been and am still aka scope dope from 1983 till now with a break for three years 1981-83 griffiss at neads or the 776 radar sq then to thule 83-84what ever the missle warning sq oft to bangor maine a Guard base 776 radar sq then the Det 1 of NEADS from 84 to 93 then a civie contractor doing the same from 93-94 Then back to Griffiss 95 to present active duty full time Guard. feel free to cantact me Gary

12/15/2002 00:00:00

Name: Eunice L. Trask
Email: traske AT

Happy, Happy Holidays to all who `covered` Air Defense in whatever capacity!! My hats off to the people who created and maintain this web page! Thanks! My service with Air Defense Command is happily remembered because of the wonderful personnel with whom I worked over the years. My locations were as follows: Civil Service : READS, Reno Air Defense Sector, Reno Nevada `63 - `65 : POADS, Portland Air Defense Sector converted and enlarged to 26th Air Division HQ, Adair AFS, Corvallis, OR `65 - `69 : Kinsley Field, Klamath Falls, OR with Data Automation, ADC, `69 - `71 (Between Kingsley Field and the DEWLine, I was assigned to an ATC base in Arizona.) Prime Contractor ITT/Felec Services Inc, Colorado Springs, CO & Fairbanks, AK: :Pow Two DEWLine Station (HOME!) :Pow One DEWLine Station :Liz Three DEWLine Station :Liz Two DEWLine Station :Pow Main DEWLine Station :Bar Main DEWLine Station At the above sites from March 1981 through October 1990. Blessings to all!!

12/14/2002 00:00:00

Name: Bob Byrnes

Stationed at 527 acw Det 19 Southern Japan 1954 - 1955 Stationed at 607 acw at K6 Air Base Korea 1955 Any old buddies out there ?

12/14/2002 00:00:00

Name: Robert W Barghaan
Email: rbarghaan AT

I was stationed on Murphys Dome 1951 and spent the remander at Ladd AFB. I returned to Fairbanks in 1965 but did not visit Murphys Dome.

12/14/2002 00:00:00

Name: B. Durwood Turbeville (Turbe)


12/13/2002 00:00:00

Name: Ann/Reference Librarian
Email: ssearch AT

I am a reference librarian assisting a patron. The patron is trying to document his ailing father`s military service. He wants some evidence that a U.S. Air Force Radar Station (720th Radar Squadron) existed in the northwest corner of North Dakota in the 1950s near Fortuna. Any information on this, or any referrals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

12/13/2002 00:00:00

Name: Bob Slone
Email: slonebarb AT

Trying to locate two ex-Middleton Island inmates. Archie P. Torbett and Bobby Rhea Wilson. Torbett was from Rossville Ga and Wilson from Bessemer Alabama. Any help appreciated..

12/12/2002 00:00:00

Name: grover wayne harless
Email: papaw323 AT aol.colm

st. johns,nfld/nortonafb,ca/mtlemmonaz/ mcclellanafb,ca/hopedale,labrador/ guthrie,wv/dongha,vietnam/pleikuvietnam/ syracuse,ny/reconnaisancecenterkeywestfl rockvilleiceland/ftlee,va

12/12/2002 00:00:00

Name: Chuck Sunder
Email: chucksunder AT

Looking for old acquaintances from 1955 who were stationed at the 719th AC&W Sq in Sparrevohn, Alaska. Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

12/11/2002 00:00:00

Name: Gary Familathe
Email: gary familathe AT

I was stationed at Cambria AFS, Kotzebue AK, Mchord 25 Air Division SAGE, Mt Laguna AFS, and 616th Wasserkuppe. Radar Ops Anyone else serve at these? This is a great site.

12/11/2002 00:00:00

Name: Jeff States
Email: psu68 AT

Happy Holidays to all those who visit these pages...especially to those who served a long time ago. Thanks to this site, we are all helped to `remember.` We also can take comfort that we filled a `need` all those years ago. Special holiday thanks to the gentlemen who created and operate this site...a job well done.

12/11/2002 00:00:00

Name: jim barnett
Email: happyoosiers AT

Good job and Happy Holidays to all.

12/11/2002 00:00:00

Name: Jim barnett
Email: happyhoosiers AT

Goofed on my e-mail address the 1st time. 54,55,56,610th Japan. 56,57,903rd. Gettysburg,S.D.

12/10/2002 00:00:00

Name: Bill Meskill
Email: meskillb AT

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all of us old cold warriors. Enjoy the hilidays and remember those holidays we spent with the best folks on the planet on mountain tops, frozen wastelands, or wet tropic zones so others could be warm and safe.

12/08/2002 00:00:00

Name: Jack Sheehan
Email: jacksheehan AT

Served with the following organizations as a `scope dope` 608th AC&W, Tokchon Korea 1955 659th AC&W, Kingman Arizona 1956 865th AC&W, Angels Peak NV 1956 - 1958 Would like to hear from anyone who had served in any of these organizations. Jack Sheehan

12/06/2002 00:00:00

Name: Victor Miller
Email: Taznfire AT

Well I suppose that I would be considered as a AIR DEFENSE VETERAN. I was stationed at the 756th RADS Finland AFS Minn From 1977 to late in the year of 1978. And Yes I loved the area and the Duty.

12/06/2002 00:00:00

Name: Gene F. Bashaw
Email: kc0ivy AT

708th AFS, Indian Mountain,Alaska JUNE 79-80 Had a really enjoyable time on my tour of duty. It`s kinda sad to hear now that it`s gone. Lots of good memories. Hi to Capt. Pete and Capt. Mayo.` you know who you are.` And to all the rest of the gang who`s names I can`t remember, Hello. Gene

12/05/2002 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Attention all Rockville, Iceland (932nd AC&W)radar vets: An excellent gallery of recent photos of Rockville is available at the following web site. www.pbase/kwalsh/rockville Look at them and bring back fond memories.

12/05/2002 00:00:00

Name: Roy Black
Email: Roy.Black AT Randolph.AF.Mil


12/05/2002 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Correction to previous message. Rockville ,Iceland photos can be viewed at Sorry for the inconvenience....

12/05/2002 00:00:00

Name: Mike Mangone
Email: camco9x23 AT

Was in Rockville (Iceland) 1961, would like to find medic A1c William V Kelly AF 12449675 We were at op loc 2 (H4).

12/04/2002 00:00:00

Name: Michael T. Swinehart
Email: Bull32507 AT

3404 AC&W Squadron (SAGE) Grand Forks AFB ND 1961-63

12/04/2002 00:00:00

Name: Jim Trowbridge
Email: jtrow AT

Sampson 1953, Mt Tam. 1955, Saglek 1956, Gettysburg 1957. Anybody out there?

12/03/2002 00:00:00

Name: Arnold Hooper
Email: hoopa AT

Mt Tam, 666th AC&W 1954-1956 Iceland, Rockville 1956-1957 McClellan Afb 964TH 1957-58