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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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10/31/2001 00:00:00

Name: Frank Squillace
Email: squidf AT

WOW! I was at Rockville, Iceland shortly before it closed in 1997. The pics from the 60`s are fantastic. Thanks.

10/31/2001 00:00:00

Name: Tom Bradley
Email: Texas Tower2000 AT

Greetings , I was elected President of The Texas Tower Association in September 2001 and am looking for veterans of thes towers as well as the families of the 28 airmen who died in the collapse of Tower # 4 & the families of the other four airmen killed on tower 2. Please contact me if you have any information at ;

10/30/2001 00:00:00

Name: Wallace Stephens
Email: mensalee AT

Was assigned to 772 Radron Claysburg AFS Pa. Also was in Army Air Defense for 17 yrs.

10/30/2001 00:00:00

Name: Charles Lilly
Email: KandCLilly AT AOL.COM

Anyone at Murphy Dome (744) from July `63 to July `64? The year of the big quake. Also Hutchinson Ks.(793) `64 to `66.

10/24/2001 00:00:00

Name: Gary C. Perigo
Email: perigos AT

Great to have all that effort documented historically. gcp

10/23/2001 00:00:00

Name: George Sidders
Email: sidders AT

Retire 303X2 with over 26 years on radar sites (most up and down the east coast, one alaska tour, two southeast asia tours, two long tours PI and Germany, worked on both fixed and mobil radars.

10/23/2001 00:00:00

Name: Dick Konizeski
Email: rmk98 AT

Larry Litteral, where are you? You`re latest email address doesn`t seem to be any good, so give me a holler. I have a question about the old Corn Springs gap filler annex. If anyone else out there has any info on Corn Springs and whether it`s still standing, give me or Tom Page a hoot. Dick

10/22/2001 00:00:00

Name: Warren F. Hickey
Email: whilele AT

Worked early warning in Lab circa 1961-1962 time frame. Assigned to Goose Bay

10/22/2001 00:00:00

Name: Art Gillings
Email: Agillings AT

Stationed at Hofn from 1975 to 1976, 30372.

10/17/2001 00:00:00

Name: Tom Marino
Email: alm4140 AT

This message for Gene McManus. Did you receive the pictures of the MontaukAFS I sent. Just checking to make sure.

10/16/2001 00:00:00

Name: John Breidford
Email: johnanna AT

Went to tech school in 56 at Scott AFB. I went to the 627th at Othello, wa. from there and a buddy Harold Chambard went to Burns or Condon. Anyone know of him, or his present whereabouts? John Breidford

10/15/2001 00:00:00

Name: Tom Page
Email: tepage AT

Re Alfred Crocker`s note regarding `Pinetree Line` radar sites -- We at the `Online Air-Defense Radar Museum` are well aware that the `Pinetree Line` consisted of the long-range radar facilities on *BOTH* side of the US-Canada border. However, our Canadian counterpart, the webmaster for the `Pinetree Line` web site, disagrees with this historically-accurate definition. He insists that the `Pinetree Line` was comprised of *ONLY* Canadian long-range radar facilities. Further, he claims that the `Pinetree Line` was comprised of *ALL* Canadian long-range radar facilities. We know that both points are incorrect. However, he is very touchy on this subject, ... and we respect his opinion, ... so, we do not press the point. -- Tom

10/15/2001 00:00:00

Name: Wayne Grover
Email: Author001 AT AOL.Com

I was Rosas AFS, Spain from Feb 60 -Feb 64. I feel we could have a great reunion of the close friendships we all shared there. I can be reached at 561-968-9261.

10/15/2001 00:00:00

Name: Chuck Sunder
Email: chsun1 AT

Every now and then I inquire to see if anyone out there was stationed at the 719th AC&W at Sparrevohn Alaska from Jan 55 to Jan 56. If you were there then, let me hear from you.

10/13/2001 00:00:00

Name: Alfred Crocker
Email: alccc AT

I just signed up as a new active member, however, I am perplexed as to why the 766th AC&W Sqdn, Caswell AFS, Limestone, ME, does not appear as part of the old Pinetree Line radars. Later became ACRON then RARON during SAGE years. al c

10/13/2001 00:00:00

Name: william L. hanson
Email: nosnah AT

during my Air Force career(68-88) i was stationed at an AC&W site. 708th AC&W Sq Alaska july70-july71.

10/13/2001 00:00:00

Name: Herk Randall
Email: mrandal2 AT

Does anyone know what happened to the Sage site?

10/13/2001 00:00:00

Name: Hank Brand
Email: hankb16 AT

Per Herk Randall`s message - observed same results trying access SAGE clues?

10/12/2001 00:00:00

Name: Bill Taylor
Email: william.l.taylor AT

I worked for the 1926th COMM E & I in the 70s and early 80s. I installed some of the FPS-6/9/9A/116 (all are variations of the MHFR) Military Height Finder Radar. I worked for the FAA during the 80s and early 90s at several JSS (Joint Surveilance Sites) and maintained the MHFR and ARSR-3 and FPS-20 radars. I spent a lot of time at Keesler AFB going to different schools. I really miss the old radars. I now work for the National Weater Service on the WSR-88D Doppler Weather radar. I really enjoy your site because it brings back a lot of good memories. Bill Taylor

10/11/2001 00:00:00

Name: Dick Konizeski
Email: rmk98 AT

25th Air Division Recall Breakfast The 25th AD Recall Breakfast is held twice a year in April and October at McChord AFB, and has app 300 members. This great group includes active duty and retired personnel who were stationed in the 25th AD, McChord AFB, or those in subordinate units including radar sites, air fields, AEW squadrons, etc. It has been expanded to include members of the Western Air Defense Sector (WADS) Oregon ANG. The ONLY requirement for inclusion into this exclusive group is: `having been assigned to the 25th AD or subordinate units`. I was invited to be guest speaker at the October 6, 2001 breakfast, to speak about the Radar Museum and Radomes. I did so, and had a great time. The breakfast was primarily for members attached to AC&W squadrons, and there were about 65 present. Interestingly, only 5 members of the Retirees are members of Radomes, Inc, and I`m not sure how may Retirees are listed on any of our Radar Museum Site Rosters, but I know there are lots of us not aware of the 25th Retirees group, and many of them aren`t aware of the Radar Museum. Anyone interested in learning about the 25th Retirees breakfast and meetings contact me, and I`ll hook you up to their point of contact. You can use my home email shown above, or regular mail shown below. Dick Konizeski 952 NE Marwood DR Bremerton, WA 98311

10/11/2001 00:00:00

Name: Dick Konizeski
Email: rmk98 AT

25th AD (Defense) Retirees Group Go to `UNIT REUNIONS` in our Radar Museum menu for the point of contact (Frank Pearce) and his email address

10/10/2001 00:00:00

Name: Ron Dzuba
Email: zube AT

New email address

10/10/2001 00:00:00

Name: Joseph L. Vogel
Email: r.vogel1 AT

I was stationed from 1959 till early 1961 on Fortuna Air Force Station near Fortuna, North Dakota. The Divide County Journal is doing a 50th anniversary supplement about the station. I am contributing and would love to hear from others who were there at that time. Best Regards, Joseph L. Vogel, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

10/09/2001 00:00:00

Name: Bob Fortmuller

I thank all those who participated in the BBS Forum on the subject Sept 11,2001. I found out in a hurry how many people had the same questions I did. What was surprising was most chose to answer via my personal E-Mail rather than through the forum. There were very interesting opinions but basically `where was the system when we needed it.` I wrote a closure statement which has been put on the BBS Forum and if you are interested you will find in under Open Forum and title New Sept 11,2001. Very nice to see all the `Old Heads` still around that know what a `Handy Dandy and grease pencil` were. PS : There were 92 responses. Bob Fortmuller USAF Ret

10/08/2001 00:00:00

Name: Glenn J. Christensen
Email: glenn61 AT

Keesler MS 1956, Portland, OR 1956-57, Mt. Hebo 1957-60, Prince George, BC 1960-61, Larson 1961-63, Klamath 1963-66, Clear MEWS 1966-67, Corvallis 1967-69, Boron 1969-73, Mt. Hebo 1973-75, Newenham 1975-76, North Bend, OR, 1976

10/07/2001 00:00:00

Name: Kirby
Email: kirbyb AT

Very cool. Finally a place recognizing those of us who sat and watched the dots flash on the screen. Keep up the great work! KB - Northeast Air Defense Sector / NORAD alumni

10/07/2001 00:00:00

Name: Dick Roue
Email: droue AT

Can you figure out some way to configure the Site Rosters so one can modify or update an entry. As it is, if you have a change to make, or if you screw something up in your entry, your only recourse is to add another entry. I think things are going to get pretty cluttered before too long. Thanks.

10/07/2001 00:00:00

Name: Aaron Allen 551, 931 [US26]
Email: nancy.l.allen AT

How about CONADIZ? [ConUS]. Make major airlines fly 24/7--not rush hrs. Move more trfk to parallel, non-hub routes. Plan workable VFR planning/coding. No more trfk than ATC & NORAD can handle/ monitor. Primus Eos Obtinimus(SP?) Support 1st & 11th AFs. GBA! NNNN

10/05/2001 00:00:00

Name: Robert Fortmuller ,USAF ret

The answer given by Tom Page to an unknown person in the guest book has stirred a up a lot of questions about the past. It forced me to compose a disertation on what I consider to be a realistic scenario if Sept 11th had occurred 30 years ago, versus what happened lately. Its too long to be in this column so if you are interested ,look in the Radar Forum BBS Section with the criteria being open forum and the key word being Sept 11,2001.

10/03/2001 00:00:00

Name: Cliff Heckathorn
Email: jamesc. AT

20 years on radar sites,montana, alaska southeast asia, mobil radars, california, idaho and the list goes on

10/03/2001 00:00:00

Name: Weldon B. Roberts
Email: cvso AT

Dick Roue: Your e-mail keeps getting rejected. I was at Gettysburg (30454)at the same time contact me direct at Weldon B. (Shorty) Roberts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10/03/2001 00:00:00

Name: Michael R. Betzer
Email: Betzer AT

Just a thought about September 11 2001: Since 1974 it seemed fashionable to regard Continental Air Defense as an anachronism in light of the Soviet ballistic missile threat, or lack of it after the Cold War. Now I wonder if the whole notion of air defense will be thought of as a `new` concept. One wonders how things would have turned out if some of the old Nike sites were still active, albeit with newer follow on systems such as the Patriot.

10/03/2001 00:00:00

Name: Tom Page
Email: tepage AT

An interesting question ... but I seriously doubt -- if the old Nike or BOMARC missiles had still been in use -- that they would have made any difference on September 11. Our air-defense structure was always aimed at enemy bombers entering US airspace from the outside -- never at flights originating from US cities. Also, I doubt we would have shot down any commercial airliner ... especially if it was not known for sure if it had been hijacked, or was simply off course. Also, if the missiles were nuclear-tipped (as some/most reportedly were), we definitely would not have fired them over the US; that was prohibited by the Rules of Engagement (ROE), due to the reulting collateral damage.

10/01/2001 00:00:00

Name: John Nolan
Email: nolanj AT

Attended Keesler in 1961 & 62 for the AN/FST-2B. Stationed at Fallon AFS 62-64 Nev. Tonopah AFS Nev 64-65. Worked as the T-2 AFETS at Opheim Montana and Fortuna N.D. 65-67, and and the Q-47 AFETS at Blaine AFS Wa. 67-79. Working as the Q-93 AFETS at WADS, McChord AFB from 81 to present