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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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05/31/2001 00:00:00

Name: Ken O-Dell
Email: Cmsodell AT

I was a supply guy at Adair AFS (HqPOADS) from 1962 to 66 and the Materiel Control supervisor for the 859th Radar Sq, Red Bluff, CA 1966-67

05/31/2001 00:00:00

Name: Bill Bartlett
Email: mrw AT

I too enjoyed the bubble checks, especially on Guam at the 852nd ACWRON when the 86 D models would come cookin` across the flat and climb up toward and barely over us at about 50 feet. The 41st FIS was wild and Colonel Jack Mann was the best. Would like to hear from any of the old gang from around the world. And now you can sing me a hymn... Him, him, ---- him!!

05/29/2001 00:00:00

Name: Mario Pedreros Leighton
Email: mpedreros AT

First of all, sorry for my english. I`m a Chilean navy officer and I was looking for a short history of radar. Congratulations for your website, and thank`s for your information. Can you send me something about the radar`s history? Thank you

05/28/2001 00:00:00

Name: Bruce Bonds
Email: bbonds1334 AT

Enjoyed the site. I`ll look for pictures of Tatalina and Pruem Air Station.

05/28/2001 00:00:00

Name: Bob King
Email: shavetail2 AT

Stationed at Z-33 Klamath AFS May 67 Feb 69. would like to contact other members

05/28/2001 00:00:00

Name: Dick Barrett
Email: dick.barrett AT

Hi folks, just to let you know that I`ve added some pages about the GEC-Marconi Martello radar to the R.A.F. Radar section on `The Radar Pages` at Best wishes to all, Dick.

05/27/2001 00:00:00

Name: Dick Murphy
Email: rmurph AT

Wishing all a wonderful Memorial Day. I will spend some time reflecting on the monumental sacrifices made by others so that we may enjoy our freedoms of today, Always watch the PBS special from D.C., the music is great but the letters that are read, and the personal anecdotes are very meaningful, and give one pause. Dick Murphy, 645th Radar SQ. 1962-65. Would like to hear from any of my contemporaries from there.

05/27/2001 00:00:00

Name: Michael Brown
Email: mdgrbrow AT

former member of the 153rd TACC Sq from 1971-1973 and 116th TCS (from 1973 to 1985)

05/26/2001 00:00:00

Name: Harvey Swatsworth
Email: swatsworth AT

I would like to inform all fellow scope dopes that Bill Hall, one of our own, who was in Misawa from 1950 until Dec. 1953 is in very grave health condition. Those of you who like to send a card to Bill can do so at the following address. 1008 Central Ave., Ashland Ave., KY, 41101-7428. Bill was a fine Airman and a very dear friend to me. Thank you in advance to those that send a note or card.

05/26/2001 00:00:00

Name: Joe Pyrdek
Email: pyrdek AT

For anyone interested in Iceland`s H-3 site at Hofn, you might want to check out my H-3 Web pages. the URL is:

05/22/2001 00:00:00

Name: John R Pawlowski
Email: plowdog01 AT

U.S.A.F. AC&W operator= 1976-1986/Florida TACs....Alaska Murphy Dome,Elmendorf AFB, Dewline(ITT)

05/14/2001 00:00:00

Name: Russell Hall
Email: hallr AT

773RD Montauk AFS 78-81, 726TCS Homestead AFB 81-82, 26th Air Division Griffiss SOCC 82-86. Elf One 81 & 84 Saudi Arabia Daharan. Currently at Air Force Research Laboratory Rome, NY working on Computer Security.

05/13/2001 00:00:00

Name: John Pounds, MSgt Ret
Email: jpounds AT

Greatest bubble check we ever had was at Boron Ca, 750th AC&W. We were only a few miles from Edwards AFB and it was 1955. They were testing the F-100s and the B-52s. They only had 3 B-52s then and they were top secret. The call signs were simular and when we asked for the check,we thaught it was a flight of F-100s. It turned out to be a B-52 and he almost blew our bubble away. It scared our commander and controllers out the next 10 years of promotions. He made 2 passes and was as low as our F-86s and F-94s that were our fighters then. Its been a long time but its something I will never forget.

05/10/2001 00:00:00

Name: Jim Trowbridge
Email: jtrow AT

Eglin 1954, Mt Tam. 1955, Saglek 1956, Gettysburg 1957. Anybody out there?

05/07/2001 00:00:00

Name: Ted Mutch
Email: ejmutch AT

I was at Cambridge Bay (site38 and at Yellowknife site 34) on the construction of the dew line in 1957. Worked for Canadian Marconi as a Radio OP but only for 6 months. I had emigrated to Canada but decided to return to Australia later in 1957.

05/04/2001 00:00:00

Name: Richard Stewart
Email: rstew1 AT

Was in the 703rd, Texarkana AFS from 1965 to 1967, 623rd Det 2, Kume Shima from 1967 to 1968 (part of that time was TDY to Korea because of the Pueblo hijacking) and finished my enlistment at Bergstrom AFB.

05/02/2001 00:00:00

Name: James P. Lowe
Email: jimlowe AT

I was stationed at several radar sites in the early 60`s lindonville bucks harbor Bedford Virginia Dow AFB tdy Souix lookout ect.

05/01/2001 00:00:00

Name: Arnold Hooper
Email: hoopa AT

Dome checks at Mt Tam. 1955-56. F-86,s and F-89,s from Hamilton. But the best were the NG p-51,s. The sound of those big recep,s climbing one side of the mountain and then diving down the other side is unforgettable.