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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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08/30/2001 00:00:00

Name: Clifford Soucy
Email: cliff AT

I was stationed at the 610th., 655th, Santa Rosa Island and Charleston West Va. (I must be getting old I could not remmber the Radar Site designations of the last two sites.)

08/29/2001 00:00:00

Name: George Mushett
Email: gmushett AT

A.D. 7/56-9/82. AFSC 30390. Total career in AC&W and Tac Con radar. ADC,Iceland,England,Okinawa,Germany.

08/28/2001 00:00:00

Name: D. J. "Butch" Whittington
Email: butchwhitt AT

I was stationed at 782nd Radar Squadron in Rockville, Indiana from 11/63 through 6/65.(E2 & E3) Reassigined to HQ 326th Air Div (Hawaiian Air Defense Division) at Wheeler AFB Hawaii from 7/65 to 6/67.(E3 & E4) AFSC was 27350.

08/26/2001 00:00:00

Name: Thomas J Gillespie

NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS THOJGILL@AOL.COM. wAS AT 770TH fT. Meade/770th Tatalina / 24th AD malestrom and 603rd germany.

08/25/2001 00:00:00

Name: Gene P. Parrell
Email: llerrap AT

Looking for good Email address of Henry H. Wolf. He and I were both at McCord AFB in 1950, he was a radio tech and I a radar. We had the CPS-4 & CPS-5 type radars, ops was in a wooden shack. the Sqdn. was the 636th AC&W, this was moved to Condon,OR. in 1951. The Email address I found in the lash-up for McCord AFB was hope someone has a better address, this one does`t work. Thanks Gene Parrell

08/23/2001 00:00:00

Name: Cecile Bially Wehrman
Email: cecilew AT

I am preparing a newspaper booklet celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Fortuna Air Force Station in North Dakota. I welcome e-mails of memories from all who were stationed there, and may publish a longer form memory book if there is enough interest. The booklet will appear in the local newspaper. The booklet probably won`t be on the Internet, but our paper is at Please contact me if were stationed at Fortuna.

08/22/2001 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

** Attention Fortuna AFS people!! I have received an e-mail from the News Editor of the Crosby Journal. They are thinking of doing a newspaper insert on the 50th anniversary of Fortuna AFS. It will all depend on how much interest there is, so come on...dust off your memory caps and let Cecile Wehrman, News Editor, The Journal (daughter of Bill Bially, stationed at the base 1958-60) know that we DO care! Send an e-mail to: Thanks!

08/21/2001 00:00:00

Name: John E. Bandur
Email: JBandur AT

Where are all the troops that served at Radar Stations in ADC (which is now like the Coastal Artillery Corps [disbanded after WW II]}??? This is a great site...keep up the good work!

08/21/2001 00:00:00

Name: Floyd E.(Skip)Chenoweth, Jr.
Email: 7skipper AT

`Spent the first ten as a `Scope Dope`, the second ten as a 303 type.Good site!

08/19/2001 00:00:00

Name: Robert Sturm (Bob)
Email: rgsturm AT

Served at the 903rd in Gettysburg, SD. in `62 and `63 and the 923rd in Hopedale Labrador in `63 and `64.

08/16/2001 00:00:00

Name: Gene McManus
Email: radomes AT

A few weeks ago somebody sent me an email requesting about 350 copies of our Radomes news release and membership application. I hate to admit it, but I can no longer find the email. If you`re out there, would you please contact me?

08/16/2001 00:00:00

Name: Jerry Swanson
Email: jls4 AT

I was looking for some way of getting copies of old (1957-1960)orders. I wish I had saved them then but `young and foolish`! anyone who knows how to go about getting copies,if possible please e-mail me. I was at the 799th in Joelton Tn. 1958-1959; 691st Cross City Fl. 1959-1960; 921st St Anthony Newfoundland 1960-1961. Anyone from these places I`d enjoy hearing from you. Jerry Swanson

08/15/2001 00:00:00

Name: Jerry Thomas
Email: J07Thomas AT

I am an old scope dope!....served at the 795th ACW, Cape Romanzof AF Station in 59 & 60. 747th ACW Ellington AFB, Tx and 820 Radar Sq. Ft Heath AFSTA, Ma. Total of 8 yrs....good site....later.

08/14/2001 00:00:00

Name: Patrick Burns
Email: kx5f AT

A Real fine web site, i sure do enjoy visiting it from time to time. Pat Burns, ADC,68-75

08/13/2001 00:00:00

Name: Bill Boyd
Email: billgboyd AT

I enjoyed finding this site it bring back lots of memories

08/13/2001 00:00:00

Name: Karl Goetz
Email: kgoetz AT

Been off line for over a year and couldn`t stand it, so i`m back. Current member of Radomes.

08/12/2001 00:00:00

Name: Gene P. Parrell
Email: llerrap AT

For years I`ve wondered what happened to the 636th AC&W site in OR. I found out while reading my American Legion magazine, it was listed under (anyone who served). It`s like meeting an old friend after fifty years. My thanks to Garth wake, he brought back some old memories, hope to hear from some of the first group (1951) type.

08/11/2001 00:00:00

Name: Sherman Bickford
Email: shermanb5815 AT

very enjoyable site, brings back a lot of memories.

08/10/2001 00:00:00

Email: tex AT


08/10/2001 00:00:00

Name: Carlos L Figueroa, Lt Col, USAF Ret
Email: cfigueroa AT

Assigned at Fort Lee, VA from Aug 74 to Jul 76. B Crew RICMO.

08/09/2001 00:00:00

Name: D. J. "Butch" Whittington
Email: ButchWhitt AT

What a great web site. Sure brings back the memories. Thanks for all your hard work.I was stationed at 782nd Radar Squadron Rockville AFS, Indiana from 11/63 to 5/65. Then assigned to Hdq 326th Air Div at Kunia (Wheeler AFB) Hawaii from 7/65 to 6/67.

08/09/2001 00:00:00

Name: Priscilla Savetilik
Email: psavetilik AT

I have been searching for a James Moon that was working on the White Alice Military Project in the early 1960`s at North River....Unalakleet, Alaska. We do not have much information about him. We don`t know if he was in the air force or what position he was on that project. It is very important that we get in contact with James Moon. He should be in his mid to late 50`, if not early 60`s. Any help or additional information on that site, would be greatly appreciated. I hope to get a response as we have been searching for him for a long time. Thank you.

08/09/2001 00:00:00

Name: Msgt (Ret) Wayne Reeder
Email: tsjmbb AT

I was stationed at 783ACW Sq,Charleston,WV Sep 1955-Jan 56, 914th ACW Sq,Armstrong, Ont,Can Feb 56-Mar 57, 706th ACW Sq, Dickinson,ND Jan 59-Sep60,Great Falls AD Sector, Malmstrom AFB, Mont Sep 60-Jun 66, Retired from the 823rd Radar Sq 31Aug75. Would like to hear from old friends.

08/08/2001 00:00:00

Name: Joe Dacko
Email: joedacko AT

Looking for Jim Morin..stationed @ 655 Radar Sq. Watertown NY..Mid 70`s

08/08/2001 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggiano AT

There is a new website called `Melville Air Station`, for the 641st AC&W site in Labrador Canada, which was a part of the Pinetree Line. Here is the address:

08/07/2001 00:00:00

Name: John Metzigian
Email: dvious AT

i was stationed at the 24th ADS at Malmstrom from March 1982 thru August 1983. I was an AN/FSQ7(SAGE)computer maintainer (305X4)

08/06/2001 00:00:00

Name: Earl Whited, MSgt, USAF, Ret
Email: earlwhited AT

I was stationed on three AC&W Squadrons as an Independent Duty Medical Technician. I was at the 647th at Manassas Va, 1956-57, 913th at Pagwa River AFS, Ontario, Canada, 1957-58 and Mill Valley, California, 1958-59.

08/04/2001 00:00:00

Name: William C. Bartlett
Email: mrw AT

I would like to revise or add info to my name in the site roster but see no avenue to do that. For instance, I did not have an e-mail address when my name was added to Fordland, MO Williams Bay WI and Lackland TX. How can I do this? Thanks, Bill Bartlett

08/04/2001 00:00:00

Name: Dave Brock
Email: brockde AT

Stationed in Maine 57,TT 58, Okinawa 55/56

08/04/2001 00:00:00

Name: Sam Fuhrman
Email: loowater AT

Great site, lots of work. At 917th Puntzi Mt AFS 59-60. Anyone remembers email me. Be great to talk with anyone from the site. Lots of freezing cold but great bunch of guys.

08/04/2001 00:00:00

Name: Walter Modest
Email: wgmodest AT

932 AC&W Squadron Rockville,Iceland.!956-1957.Greinds- James Aduddle-Mike Demetrius.

08/03/2001 00:00:00

Name: Jim Trowbridge
Email: jtrow AT

Mt. Tam. 1955, Saglek 1956, Gettysburg 1957. Anybody out there?

08/02/2001 00:00:00

Name: Larry Clare
Email: clares AT

Trying to put together a reunion for the 637th during July 2002. Need to hear from ex 637th troops as to interest in attending. Please pass on to those who may not have web access or supply contact information to me and I will take it from there.

08/01/2001 00:00:00

Name: Jack Kerr
Email: kerrjackr AT

New email address

08/01/2001 00:00:00

Name: Denny Reber
Email: mkdjreb AT hotmail.comm

Was stationed at Murphy Dome AK with the 744th AC&W Squadron in `57-`58. Would welcome hearing from anyone else who was there at the same time. Some of the fellows I recall were Joe Bender, Ken Collis, Gerry Bugar, Bill Cotton, Gerald Pritchitt, and a great NCOIC, Sgt. Boggs. Also Lt. Larry Joseph and Capt. Sawyer.