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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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12/29/2022 23:05:33

Name: Donald Turner
Email: drfeelgood881 AT

Loved working in the anfps26a radar tower Seen some cool things

12/01/2022 04:10:00

Name: Travis Via
Email: travisvia2020 AT

I lived on base as a dependent went to keweenaw elementary in1982 we recorded a record sang Edmond Fitzgerald was looking at my past. Had a great teacher Mrs Cippolini

11/14/2022 23:32:11

Name: Sam Bryant
Email: bryants133 AT

My USAF home in 1967. What an experience!

10/23/2022 14:19:09

Name: Nick Powell
Email: npowell2 AT

I spent the summer of 1980 at Indian Mountain AFS Top Camp working on a contract with Bureau of Land Management to provide radar weather observations of thunderstorms. At the time I was an enlisted weather observer in the ANG and did my weekend "training" at the bottom camp weather station giving relief to the personnel there on those days. I retired in 1996 after 23 years many as a weather officer at NORAD (including crew duty in the mountain) and US Space Force (AF Space Command then). That included several trips to Thule. Assessing Missile Warning and AC&W radar site performance degradations due to space and terrestrial weather phenomena was a primary responsibility and constantly briefed to the Command Post as well as mission centers (my office was collocated with the Missile Warning and Space Surveillance teams in the Mountain). After retirement I worked (and still do) for Raytheon. One my jobs was South Pole (yes Antarctica) communications engineer for 8 years which took me to the Pole. On looking through the library on day I came across the book 90 South by Paul Siple about the construction of South Pole station and the first winter over. Inside the cover was a stamp: Property 708th AC&W SQ Library, Indian Mountain AFS. How serendipitous. Somehow after the installation closed the book made it through a disposition system that took it from the AF to National Science Foundation to the South Pole. And I saw it. Amazing.

09/23/2022 18:31:54

Name: Coy Pierce
Email: clpierce26 AT

I arrived at the 642ND AC&W Sq in 1955 and left in late 1956, I was 15 years old when I got there and 84 now, doubt that there many of us left from my time, got out of the AF in 1958 and went on to 17 years in the Army Airborne, 2 tours in Vietnam, loved my AF time but was seeking adventure, and I found it....

09/22/2022 22:35:16

Name: Jon H Richardson, CMSGT Retired
Email: mollyvj AT

I just found your group and thought maybe I might be eligble My Radome was on the RC121 and the EC121 flying off the East COAST AS AN Air Borne Radar Technician, 3500 hours flying time was at Otis Air Base, Cape Cod MA 8 years.

09/05/2022 04:48:22

Name: Ted Wilming
Email: wil.3879 AT

Served on AGR 3 & 10 USS Skywatcher and USS Outpost USN. 1961-65 27 AD SAGE Luke AZ 626 AC&W Fire Is, AK 320 BW Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA

07/13/2022 10:20:28

Name: Phillip Mein
Email: pminemail AT

Worked at Klamath AFS FPS27A, 74-76; Tyndal AFB, 77, Hessich Olendorf, GE TPS43E, 78 - 80.

04/14/2022 15:22:33

Name: thomas william dodd
Email: billdodd22 AT

Sirs, I came upon your site "by accident" Perhaps you could help me with some info' about a radar site at Wasserkuppe in Germany. My wife Inge's first husband was based there just after the last war whilst serving with the RAF It was a small detachment under the commend of a flight Lieut Naylor Inge was a local girl aged 19, who married her husband during this time. Stan died a few years ago and Inge now aged almost 93 (next July) often talks about the base and the people she met there and the things that happened during that turbulent time. I hope that somebody out there can bring a little info to brighten her memories - Anyway I live in hope. My very Best Regards Bill Dodd (Ellesmere Port) UK

02/23/2022 08:40:28

Name: Wallace Stoudt
Email: orbeachbums AT

Left previous note forgot to add unit. Was in AFCS 2052nd Comm Squadron. Worked on AN/FPS-6 & AN/FPS-66 in Hanger 3 for several months then Annex 1 for couple years.