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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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11/29/2014 12:52:21

Name: David E. Casteel
Email: davidecasteel AT

Capt. Davis, I think I remember you from Mt. Hebo. I arrived there in Feb 1960, a very new 2Lt supposedly to be the Radar Maintenance Officer. Instead, I was an overage.

11/28/2014 18:09:00

Name: 2nd Lt.--Capt L. Jim Davis
Email: ljdtx2 AT

Guam 56-58 (includes weapons meet @ Naha, OKI (Yoza Dake), Red Bluff 58-59, Mt Hebo 59-60, Stead 60-61, Kotzebue/ Galena 61-62 w/schools Tyndall, SOS,
Richards Gebar(Sage-Weapons controller) then on to other non AC&W related fields. Be glad to elaborate if anyone is interested. Would appreciate hearing of others there when I was there. L. Jim Davis, USAFR-RET.

11/26/2014 23:40:57

Name: Ken Scheller
Email: kenms1949 AT

First time here. Was stationed at Ft Yukon AFS, Alaska in I believe 74 to 75

11/25/2014 19:27:58

Name: Jerry R. Owen
Email: jrowen27 AT

PLEASE,PLEASE contact me...I have put the wrong info in the site roster for the 822 cottonwood afs of 1960 thru 1962.
Feel free to call me at 662-342-6504. PLEASE HELP ME CORRECT THIS SACRILEDGE. Thank you
JR Owen afsn. 14703020

11/21/2014 20:24:20

Name: Edward Steber
Email: emsteber AT

Assigned at Indian Mts Air Force Station Oct 1962 to Oct 1963. Email me if you were there.

11/20/2014 17:53:07

Name: David E. Casteel
Email: davidecasteel AT

For anyone interested, my photos of the National Forest Service event at Mt. Hebo AFS, Oregon on 8 Aug 2014 can be seen here:

11/20/2014 17:46:37

Name: David E. Casteel
Email: davidecasteel AT

For Larry L. Jackson: Hi, Larry! I was at 922nd AC&W (Cartwright AS, Labrador) from Mar 1964 to Mar 1965. I'll be 77 next month and living in Dallas, Texas.

11/19/2014 22:33:35

Name: Robert Taylor
Email: upwind13 AT

I was an E/3, E/4 radar operator back in 1973/1974 at the 748th. Would love to go back to Kotzebue to visit. Does anyone remember Art Field(s) and his daughters, his pool hall and small taxi service? A lot of interesting memories.

Would love to hear from anyone from that time . . .

Have fun! Rob Taylor

11/11/2014 09:14:31

Name: Bernard Wilson
Email: wilsonbernard4 AT

once stationed at 913AC&W squd

11/10/2014 18:21:59

Name: robert l miller A1c
Email: bbluford AT

I was at Minot sage center 1961 1963 TDY at Fortuna ND July 62 PCS at Opheim Montana 1963 to 1964 Got out Feb 3 64 and went back to Tucson AZ where it was HOT LOOKING for RICH CLEGG he said he wated to live PHOENIX 1-575 548 0045 south of LORDSBURG NM on a ranch doing nothing

11/09/2014 13:57:34

Name: jack bilbow
Email: tulsabilbows AT

spent 55-56 at 916th acw milner ridge, beausejour Manitoba,,,,

11/06/2014 15:57:06

Name: Kirby L. Wallace
Email: lskfjsl AT

I was Weapons Controller Tech at Tyndall AFB, 82-85.