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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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02/28/2014 00:08:23

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

I write technical training material that often contains photos and other information that is protected by copyright. I have to identify this material to the publisher as belonging to somebody else. The publisher has a full-time department that does nothing else but obtain written permission to use materials and photos that belong to others. My client is always happy when I provide them materials generated by a government entity as these "public domain" materials can be used freely with little or no permission. Obtaining permission to use materials that have a copyright can be costly and time consuming in some cases.

02/21/2014 21:29:45

Name: Tom Page
Email: tepage AT

John Tianen, I agree with your understanding of government images being in the public domain. As you stated, our tax dollars paid for them.

02/19/2014 00:17:53

Name: TSgt. Byron Peck (Ret)
Email: peckfamily AT

Det. 1, 320 BW SAC (SPS)

02/18/2014 18:17:42

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Regarding rights to patches...

Squadron patches and other insignia such as the Air Force seal were created by entities of the US government and are thus considered in the public domain. As such, they can be used and/or reproduced without permission. For example, when I created T-shirts for the 656th reunion, I told the shirt vendor that the image of the 656th Radar Squadron patch was in the public domain and could be used without infringing on any copyright. As a general rule, anything the government prints or publishes (with some exceptions) is considered in the public domain (Hey...our taxes paid for it) and can be used, even for something where a profit may be realized. I don't think what I have stated is in conflict with Gene's comments about other printed material and/or photos on the Radomes website. When in doubt, always ask for permission.

02/18/2014 17:36:56

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

Harland - we copyright all the images on this web site to help to keep our work from being used in some commercial site. Unless otherwise noted on or about an image, we own the rights to it. We do have some images that are copyrighted by others, and used with permission.

We will allow any of our images not otherwise copyrighted to be used for non-commercial purposes so long as we are credited with the image. Commercial use is generally not allowed for any of these images, but may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks for asking.

02/18/2014 15:40:02

Name: Harland Schultz
Email: Hjscuhltz101 AT

How owns the rights to the patches?

02/11/2014 23:36:42

Name: Steve Weatherly
Email: lweatherly4 AT

Dan Iverson of the 689th Mt Hebo AFS. I know your out there. Sign in please and pass along coments.

Steve W
Mt Hebo AFS
Radar Maint +

02/06/2014 15:23:51

Name: Karlene Leeper
Email: karlene.leeper AT

I am the Cultural Resources Program Manager for the 611 CES in Alaska. We manage remote radar site in Alaska. I am looking for the following Alaska AC&W veterans who participated in a survey of AK AC&W vets years ago:

Henry Brand, 744 AC&W Squadron, Murphy Dome,63-64
Waverly Breedlove,717 AC&W Squadron, Tatalina,63-64 (likely deceased, b.1934, d. 2005, Maine)
Barry Cantor,744 AC&W Squadron, Murphy Dome, 69-70
Hubert W. Craig,705 AC&W Squadron, King Salmon
Charles C. Deits,709 AC&W Squadron, Fort Yukon 66-67(likely deceased 3 Nov 2011, Foley AL)
C.B. Deyton,748 AC&W Squadron, Kotzebue 66
William S. Galvin, 710 AC&W Squadron, Tin City 58-59
Kenneth L. Green,708 AC&W Squadron, Indian Mountain 72-73
Charles W. Greenleaf,718 AC&W Squadron, Unalakleet,62-63(likely deceased 2002, Saratoga NY)
Thomas A. Gwizdak,711 AC&W Squadron, Cape Lisburne,73-74
Richard Lowe, 705 AC&W Squadron, King Salmon,74-75
James D. Mitchell,712 AC&W Squadron, Northeast Cape,59
Kenneth R. Owen,743 AC&W Squadron,Campion,63-64
Richard W. Rudolph,711 AC&W Squadron,Cape Lisburne,59-60
David C. Tepe,1930AACS (guest) of the 718 Squadron, Unalakleet,60,(Pittsburg PA?)
Thomas Wikoff,794 AC&W Squadron, Cape Newenham 74-75

Do any of you have email and postal address that you can share for the vets or their survivors so I can send them AK AC&W books if they are interested? I already checked and used email address from the Radomes website; addresses for these folks were obsolete.

Karlene Leeper,

02/01/2014 10:23:20

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

There are a number of documents (hopefully, a small number) on the museum web site which are converted from Microsoft Word documents. Frankly, they're a mess, and the new software does not handle them correctly - so they show up as a mess. I'm working on a solution, and hope to have this corrected in the near future. One such document, for example, is the site map for the Lashup site at Portland AFB, OR.