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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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10/30/2000 00:00:00

Name: Wm. J. Shaw
Email: wjshaw2 AT

I haven`t posted here in quite awhile, and like the `call sign` area that you added. However, I didn`t recognize the sign you have listed for the 911th Radron at North Concord AFS, Vt. While stationed there as a scope dope, we always went by `Patience` usually followed by M103, when we communicated with Sector Hdqt. Also, we had an authenticater that we had to update at least twice a day, so that we were on the same `page` as Sector at all times. Any of you 273x0 remember the authenticater books with the pages all sealed together, only to be unstuck at a certain time of each day to match what Sector was doing. If they asked for authentication and we didn`t give the right answer, they`d break off until we got back on the right page. Great site you have here.

10/30/2000 00:00:00

Name: thomas giarrizzo
Email: tagiarizzo AT

I was assigned to the HQ 24th Air Division, Griffis AFB, NY from 1986-89. Anyone else

10/28/2000 00:00:00

Name: Robert D. Sluyter
Email: Dutch10734 AT

Was stationed at 35th Air Div. located at Dobbins AFB, Marietta, GA, and then sent to MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL where we started a new AC&W Squadron called the 660th, callsign: `Sheepman`. Utilized interceptor from several Florida location (Eglin, Tyndall, and Navy Jacksonville)to protect ADIZ south of Tampa, at that time Miami was outside of ADIZ. I believe we had an MPS-7 search, not sure what the height finder was.

10/28/2000 00:00:00

Name: Tom Killen
Email: tmkill AT

I was a radar operator at Ft. Lee 20th Norad from 69 - 70, Also, at Ft. Yukon 70 - 71, and finally 23rd Norad Duluth IAP.

10/28/2000 00:00:00

Name: Christine Stott
Email: cstott65 AT

I work at Burns (Ore.) Times-Herald. Our annual Veterans Tribute tab this year features Burns` 634th Radar Squadron, operational 1955-1970. The 634th was part of the Pinetree Line.

10/27/2000 00:00:00

Name: Billy Brooks
Email: b-dbrooks AT

Great site! I was on Kume Jima Okinawa from 5 Jan 64 to 08 Jan 65, working in radar maintenance(FPS-20A and FPS-6) and at Tyndall AFB, 3625th TTG---across the road from the 678th AC&W. Would love to hear from anyone around during this period. As one of the other messages said, best of times and worst of times.

10/24/2000 00:00:00

Name: William F. Gabay
Email: williamfgabay AT

Was stationed at 753rd Sault Ste Marie 1972-1974, 35 tower. these were the best of times and the worst of times. FYI- I have newspaper clipping of the sale of station (11/24/81) to private investor for the sum of $281,000.

10/20/2000 00:00:00

Name: Melanie Gagnon
Email: melanie.gagnon AT

I`m working since 1997 on the history of Frobisher Bay and the military presence at this site. I`ve been interviewing Inuit elders who were there in the 1940s and the 1950s, who witnessed the coming of the USAF and who worked for them, as well as for the RCAF. Of course, it`s very interesting to get their point of view on this period of their history, and to confront this with what I can find in the archives. But many questions remain unanswered... It would be very helpful and interesting for me to get in touch with people who were in Frobisher Bay in the 1940s and the 1950s and to have another perspective on what was the life at the base at that time.

10/20/2000 00:00:00

Name: Joseph E Murrell

1963-1966 698 RADS MT Hebo. 1970-1972 and 1975-1979 789th Opheim AFS.

10/19/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jim Mills
Email: Jim_mills AT

I am still enjoying this excellent website and am proud to be a member of Radomes, Inc. I certainly encourage radar veterans to join and support this fine mission. I would love to hear from any former comrades from Lackland or Keesler or North Charleston. I also am still in quest of a 20th Air Division embroidered uniform patch from the early 70`s - - if anyone has one for sale. Best wishes, everyone.

10/18/2000 00:00:00

Name: Ken Howard
Email: biogolfin AT

I was stationed at 744 ACW&S from Feb 1982-1983. Currently retired, living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

10/18/2000 00:00:00

Name: Douglas J. McLear
Email: bnutcove AT northnet. org

I was stationed at the 655 RADS in Watertown, NY from March 1973-June 1976. You don`t how long it took me to find this web site and how long it took me back there. I am from Ogdensburg, NY and the site was in my backyard, 60 miles. What an assignment.

10/15/2000 00:00:00

Name: george a bisson
Email: geobis66 AT

i was on alot of radar stations and i was in wire maint i spent ten years with the air force the sites i was on were 777th klamath calif 613th site 33 in funagawa japan & at amori, then i was at lewistown &miles city montana from 1954 to 1964

10/15/2000 00:00:00

Name: Michael Berg
Email: mikejudyberg AT

I was stationed at Northeast Cape (714 AC&W)on St. Lawrence Island from Sept 59-Sept 60. Worked out of the Motor Pool as a diesel mechanic, a career I`ve followed all of my life, including teaching at the local community college for 30 years. Mostly I remember the cold and the snow. Also, I remember the great companionship with the others who were stationed there. It was a cold and lonely place; but there was a emphasis on `getting the job done` to keep us busy most of the time. I`ve often thought that should the `big one` had ever came, we probably would have the first ones to been wiped out; but I guess that`s what the cold war was all about.

10/14/2000 00:00:00

Email: mjyakal AT


10/14/2000 00:00:00

Name: Joe Schraml
Email: nomore AT

Just browsing and found your web page. I worked for Sperry-Gyroscope Co. as a Field Engineer on the FPS-35 contract. I was on the installation team at Montauk, NY and Benton, PA. Later, I was assigned to the FPS-35 Depot team in Rome, NY. After that, I went to Thomasville, AL as a Philco-Tech Rep. I enjoyed my work with the FPS-35, and could go on and on with stories about the system. Your web page brought back a lot of memories, keep up the good work.

10/13/2000 00:00:00

Name: Dick Konizeski
Email: rmk98 AT

CONDON AFS reunion. I`ve been digging around quite some time for stuff on the 636th at Condon, OR, and learned they had a `98 reunion and one in August of 2000. I recently received some material on the 636th from the Gilliam County Historical Society. Included was a 1998 news clipping with picture and names of the 100-plus attendees. I was surprised to see that of the 20-plus former 636th troops present at the `98 reunion, NOT ONE NAME IS ON THE CONDON `Site Roster`(there are only a few names on the `Site Roster`). I wrote back to the Historical Society for a point of contact in order to reach these guys, as no addresses were given. It goes to show that there are loads AC&W vets out there who are unaware of our Museum. Having gone through this drill several times, I know that if you attempt to reach just one or two persons from an AC&W site who are still enthusiastic about their radar days, they will spread the word and we`ll see their responses shortly thereafter as Guestbook entries and donations to Gene for uploading. These things don`t always happen by accident, such as the way many of us `discovered` the radar museum by surfing the Internet. Make an effort to reach out to others when you get a chance, and we`ll have more old radar troops joining us who will also have new information to donate and therefore enrich our museum at the same time. Dick Konizeski

10/12/2000 00:00:00

Name: Dick Barrett
Email: dick.barrett AT

Hi Gene, Your suggestion of donating material to the USAF museum is a great idea. So good in fact that I think we should do the same think over here in the UK! Written and photgraphic records will be invaluable to future researchers and historians, and any researcher worth his/her salt will be just as interested in the experiences of Airman Bloggs as those of Air Vice Marshall Blimp! Historians are just as interested in the socialogical background of a period as they are in the momentus events. Often the event can only be understood in the light of the backgrond. The US Navy has started a scheme to record `Oral Histories`, they have published an excellant guide at which will make a good starting point. I have started a similar idea on my site at So come on troops, fire up the PC or sharpen your pencil and get scribbleing!

10/11/2000 00:00:00

Name: Bernie Morris
Email: bruni9 AT

Just enjoyed a two day reunion Oct.7&8 of the 770th ACWRON Palermo NJ. It was great to meet some of your old buddies after 42 or so years. This is our 4th consecutive rearly reunion. Shame on any of you old AC&W Vets.for not getting involved and keeping the spirit and name of Radar Sites alive. Congratulations Gene and Tom for all your efforts to start this Radomes Inc. Thanks again over and over. get out there Guys Attend reunions,sign in on the guestbook and pass Radomes Inc web on to any and all other ex scope dopes and related support personnel.

10/11/2000 00:00:00

Name: Ronnie Monst
Email: ronrico61 AT

I was at 611th ac&w site 44 at awakamagawa japan in 1957 and early 1958 then went to 655th ac&w at watertown new york. had early training for sage at murphy army hosp. waltham mass. finished my tour at dir. center at hancock field and got out in oct 1960

10/10/2000 00:00:00

Email: johnanna AT

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ronald E Mullen, or Jerome W. Turner? Both were stationed at the 637th AC&W Squadron during the mid to late 50s. Mullen was in personnel and Turner was an Air Policeman.

10/10/2000 00:00:00

Name: Dan Grady
Email: EDan AT

Sgt. Donald Vance, 797th ACW, Fordland, MO. Don, do you have an Email address? Dan Grady

10/09/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jerry Swanson
Email: jls4 AT

I enjoy the site a lot. Anyone from the 921st at St. Anthony Nfld. in 1960-1961 or 691st Cross city Fl. 1959-1960, 799th at Joelton Tn.1958-1959. E-mail me.

10/09/2000 00:00:00

Name: Tom R. Boyd
Email: tom_r_boyd AT

Looking for Denny Fontaine.

10/09/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jim Sanford
Email: jsanfor1 AT

Good job on this site. Brings back fond and not-so-fond memories. I was a 304X4 at both the 778 and 789 AC&W squadrons. I wonder why no mention of the GATR facilities at these locations. GATR - ground-to-air-transmit-and-receive- facilities were almost always located remote from the main radar site to minimize RF interference. Equipment generally consisted of 24 channels + emergency + guard, usually Collins GRC-3 single channel and GRC-27 multichannel sets. 789 AC&W also had a T-5 computer for processing IFF radar data. Sorry I don`t have any pix of either site. I live just a few miles from the remains of the 789th, which is now partially used for local union training and the rest abandoned and run down.

10/09/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jim Sanford
Email: jsanfor1 AT

More jargon: SNOWMAN: radar intercept exercise lowest alert level. `Condition snowman` BIG NOISE:Radar intercept exercise. APPLEJACK: radar intercept exercise highest alert level. Example: BIG NOISE APPLEJACK DELTA means `execute red alert radar intercept exercise` GATR: Ground-to-air transmit and receive Canadian Arsenal: System of 7 PPI`s used to process IFF radar data. Use in conjunction with FPS-T2. Sqwak: `Aircraft is sqwaking mode 3` means aircraft is friendly. MCC: Maintenance Control Center. Equipment maintenance is coordinated with MCC to insure the site remains operational. MCC coordinates site deficiencies with air defense sector.

10/07/2000 00:00:00

Name: William (Bud) Silloway
Email: Chiefb31 AT

USAF 1955-1969 Scott AFB 55-56, 621st AC&W Nigata/ Sato Shima Japan, 56-57+, 768 AC&W, Moriarty NM 57-59, WADS Ft. Lee Va 60-65 NORAD 65-69 Ground Radio & Computer Tech.Currently in Colorado Springs, Co.

10/07/2000 00:00:00

Name: Alfred J Barnes
Email: Frisco_21701 AT

Just browsing and ran into this site. I graduated From Keesler AFB in Feb.51 attended Electronic Fundamentals and Radar Sets. Was in 660AC&W Selfridge, AFB Mich. 1951 then 784AC&W Fort Knox, KY. 52-54.

10/02/2000 00:00:00

Name: Ed Crofoot
Email: ecrofoot AT

You have a great web site. I enjoy dropping in daily to read all the messages. I was in radar maint. at Giebelstadt in the 602nd in 1957 & 1958. Anyone there at that time send me a message. Also was a Bendix Rep. at the 777th for the FPS-66 upgrade.

10/01/2000 00:00:00

Name: Dave MacCallumMhor
Email: inx AT

Great web site, I was radar USAF tech from NOV 63 to OCT 67, 602nd AC&W site, 412L, FPS-20 and a couple of FPS-6, The grass is always greener at Gieb!

10/01/2000 00:00:00

Name: Tom Killen
Email: tmkill AT

I was looking up Ft. Yukon, AK I was there from DEC 70 to DEC 71. Any members on the web that you know of to date. Thanks Tom KIllen