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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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08/30/2000 00:00:00

Name: DAN
Email: sandtrout AT

Was at Fortuna AFS (780th) ND and remember freezing mornings made better by SOS. I`m now on vacation and don`t know why I did this but did a computer search for SOS and have approx. 10 pages of SOS recipes from ARMY/NAVY of long ago to today plus misc. SOS recipes from hotels, etc. If there`s anybody out there sick enough to want these greasy but tantalizing stick-to-the-ribs recipes, let me know and you`ll get ALL of them!

08/30/2000 00:00:00

Name: Dan Grady
Email: EDan AT

Great new early pictures fron Rockville Iceland Operations. Great site!

08/30/2000 00:00:00

Email: jawil AT


08/27/2000 00:00:00

Name: Skip Sobien, CMSgt (Ret)
Email: ssobien AT

Just a quick re-visitation to see who has recently discovered the site. Hi to all those I knew. Cheers! -Skip

08/27/2000 00:00:00

Name: Bob Carroll

I finally recieved my Cold War Recognition Certificate. It took about 1 yr, but it wa worth it. I was in from 1-25-62 to 5-21-69. A scope dope,27350/A2c at 3392 Keesler AFB. 641st GooseBay,Lab. Sweetwater AFS,Texas. I m now in Las Vegas,Nevada. Want to retire soon and move to Montana or Wyoming. Thanx for this site, brings back warm memories, Ha

08/27/2000 00:00:00

Name: Ron Weidner
Email: RonWei AT

Was Radar operator in northern Japan in 1957 & 1958 Then Instructor in SAGE System at Kessler AFB in 1959 & 1960.I attend the 511th Group AC&W reuionj every year.

08/25/2000 00:00:00

Name: Mike Manley
Email: wildcat AT

Just found out about this great site from JP (9-28-98). (If you don`t know him, he probably knows you). I`ve found several familiar names so far and it`s great to see most of them enjoyed a lot of success with their careers. My own included these duty stations: 701st(65-68),712th(68-69),792nd(69-75), 795th(75-76),82TCF(76-79),622TCF(79-82), 72TCF(82-84). As you can see, I had to earn my money the last few assignments.Radar maint use to be fun.(Before tenting and camping) See you down the road.

08/24/2000 00:00:00

Name: Cliff Coon
Email: b777dal AT

I was assigned to three ADC duty stations during my stay in the Air Force. I had two tours in the power plant of the Sioux City SAGE Center during the early 60s, a tour at 731 Radar Squardon in Sundance, Wy (currantly residing in the town of Sundance) as a member of the only operating Nuclear Power Plant assigned to the Air Force, and my final duty station at the Cheyene Mountain NORAD Complex where we supplied prime power for the hardened site. I enjoyed all of the duty and working with the techanical people assigned to the radar sections. The site here on Warren Peak has been put to use as a radio and microwave site for civilian use. The nuclear site is buried and fenced off pretty much the same way it was after we closed it and disposed of all major radioactive componts. It is still being monitored. The informational placard (solid cast brass) that was placed at the site at the time of closing was stolen and has been replaced with a with a sheetmetal, baked enamel placard. The fence and gate have been damaged and are in need of repair. I have made arrangements to get some of the pictures taken during the operational phase, along with some that I have in my personal collection that I will pass along to you as time and availability permit. I also have contact with one Rich Beltz of Finley AFS fame if anybody would like to contact him. Not sure of the squardon number at Finley. 785 I think. Haven`t looked over the site too much at this time, but like what I see. Keep up the good work. Cliff Coon. Sundance, Wyoming

08/23/2000 00:00:00

Name: G. Patrick Woodruff
Email: woodr004 AT

Seeing this site brought back some great memorys. I lived in Unk from 1963 to 1967. We were with the Bureau of Indian affairs and my dad ran the physical plant for the two schools. I used to go up to the base for hair cuts, movies and to race slot cars. We homesteaded the old AF fish camp up on the North River, just down from the bridge. Great site.

08/23/2000 00:00:00

Name: Edward Franklin
Email: edmarinc AT

A reunion is in the mill for anyone who was stationed at the 823rd AC&W squadron at Geiger Field or Mica Peak in Spokane, Washington. Contact me and I will put you in touch with the reunion planner.

08/22/2000 00:00:00

Name: Bill Dorminy
Email: wdlarv AT

Haven`t visited this site in some time. Hello to all I knew/know. Bill

08/21/2000 00:00:00

Name: TSGT George Geysen
Email: nmgeysen AT

I joined the Air Force in 1951 went to basic training at Sampson AFB, NY and then to tech sch in Mo and Reese AFB, Lubbock, Tx, Greenville, Ms, then Korea. Scawraf EAB. Went to Itami AFB, Japan, and other Japanese sites. Went to Otis AFB, Ma, Texas Towers. Got out of service, finished up in the reserves, various bases, ending up at Westover AFB, Ma.

08/21/2000 00:00:00

Name: Michael D. Horne
Email: mdhorne AT

I am a retired MSgt, 304x4 ground radio maintenance type. Was stationed at 622 TCF (Bad Kreuznach GE) 73-75; King Salmon AK twice (84-85 and 87-88), the first time just after 705th deactivated; and Galena AK 90-91. Really would like to see more radio troops posting, also more `recent` people (mid-70s on) of all types. Any radio troops from King or Galena pre-84 please drop a note, have several questions about equipment etc. at these sites!

08/21/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jerry Swanson
Email: nonnie_papa AT

John Smenner! Is your E-mail server off, can`t seem to get through. Hope to hear from you soon. Jerry

08/20/2000 00:00:00

Name: SFC G. Robert Fritscher SR. (US Army Retired)
Email: bobfritscher AT

was stationed at 750th, 751st $77th AC&W Sqdns and 619th TCS, Republic of VIETNAM (1967-68)

08/20/2000 00:00:00

Name: Chris Staudenraus
Email: m930s AT

Thirty eight years ago, I ventured in the orderly room of the 635th Radar Sqdn. at Ft. Lawton in Seattle to begin four years of boring, exciting life I`ve ever had. Wanted to go to Viet Nam, endced up at 932nd, AC&W Sqdn in Rockville, Iceland, always on the lookout for the Bears, found a few. Where do ya want to go from here?? Remote site, you can have your choice from here! Ok I said How about the Pacific Northwest?. for this boy from Detroit, Sure, Ft. Bragg, N.C. and the 728th TAC Control Sqdn. Oh well, I remember now with much respect all of the radar types I worked and lived with. Don`t go away, we are connected... Chris Staudenraus

08/19/2000 00:00:00

Name: B.D. Turbeville (ret) Smsgt
Email: turbe AT

Just a little history of my Air Force career. Would like to talk if you were ever stationed with me. 58-61 759th ACW(LRRS), 697th acw 61-62, 5th tac con gp, duty location det 5-4, Ubon ,Thailand 62-63, 757LRRS 63-64, 727th tcs Myrtle beach 64-65, det 3 727 Walker abd NM65-66, 5th tac con gp, clark afb 67-68, 507 ac con. gp shaw68-69 afb, 7th af tacc siagon69-70, norad 70-74, tuslog det 8 dyarbykar turkey 74-75, 728 tcs shaw 75-77, 728 tcs feild 3 eglin77-78, Tactical airwarfare center, eglin, 78-79, 600 tcg , Hessisch Oldendorf, germany 80-83, 507TACC shaw 83-84. tdy to ELF One feb-may81 and sep-nov 82 Ryiad(?) Saudia Arabia hhess

08/18/2000 00:00:00

Name: B.Durwoood Turbeville
Email: turbe AT

veteran of 759th ac&w(LRRS), Naselle Wash. 757th or 758 LRRS,can`t remember which,Blaine Wash and 697th acw squd. Pyote Tex.

08/17/2000 00:00:00

Name: Bobbie R. Bass
Email: bobbieandlinda AT

change E-Mail address have searched the unit listings and almost every other area and finf this a very interesting site, thanks for the good work

08/17/2000 00:00:00

Name: Richard Van Meter Sr
Email: vanrch AT

looking for james o williams, robert horton radar operators, buck davis radio operator, 623 ac&w sq. okinawa 48-49

08/16/2000 00:00:00

Name: Daniel Menold
Email: sandtrout AT

Just checking in - was at Fortuna AFS, No Dak 69-70 Remembered standing in the chow line for breakfast, freezing, and couldn`t wait to get in the door where the HEAT was! Or being on `the hill`, hands gripped around a cup of coffee to keep the fingers warm.

08/14/2000 00:00:00

Name: Henry Brand
Email: HankB16 AT

Gene & Tom - fantastic site - thanks Have been logging in regularly as a member - stationed at Havre (778 MT) Nov 61-Sep 63 and Murphy Dome (744 AK)-Sep 63-Sep 64 - Heavy Ground Radar 778/Havre AFS former personnel - click on Unit Reunions on the left side of this page - A reunion is being assembled for very early September in Havre - Have a look

08/14/2000 00:00:00

Name: Arnold Hooper
Email: hoopa AT

666th Mill Valley, California. Just checking in.

08/13/2000 00:00:00

Name: Kenneth W. Leoutsacos
Email: leoutsac AT

Some of the best times of my Air Force days were spent at AFS Nassale, WA.Air Force Squadron 759 and AFS Klamath CA, Air Force Squadron 777 during the period of 1962-1965.

08/13/2000 00:00:00

Name: Loney Turpin
Email: turpinl AT

As you can see the roster for Mica Peak is starting to swell. And I am now organizing a reunion for next year. Gene and Tom thanks for this site it was a catalyst in getting old friends together!!!!!

08/13/2000 00:00:00

Name: Henry Petru
Email: HPetru AT WebTV.Net

Mica Peak 1975-76

08/12/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jim Kenny
Email: jkenny47 AT

Trying to contact any radar operators stationed at Murpyh dome, 67-68.

08/11/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jimmie Futral
Email: spdracer AT

Sparrevohn 1967

08/10/2000 00:00:00

Name: Chris McWilliams
Email: AmerEagle AT

Gene & Crew Just printed out some of the ADC Air Division maps you just added to the Museum. I`m including them in my scrapbook of duty stations. This site has got to be one of the best and most informative on the web. Thanks for the excellent work. Chris McWilliams

08/09/2000 00:00:00

Name: Carl Wenberg
Email: zoombag AT


08/07/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jim Mills
Email: Jim_mills AT

Greetings, everyone. Just checking in. The website continues to be first-class, and I continue to very much appreciate all the hard work it represents. I am hoping that some more former 792nd troops will sign in on the guestbook and in the squadron roster. It is wonderful to get back in touch after so many years. Best wishes to all!

08/07/2000 00:00:00

Name: John F. Beaumont
Email: AF16680 AT

Linked to this site while researching the Site Lima 85 incident. Was a 30352 that served at 736th AC&W (Morocco), the 1989th Comm. Sqd. (with a FPS-8) and Det.1, 729th Tac Control (MPS-14). Eight years and never made a stateside AC&W. Last 3 years were focused with T-1 and T-2 simulators until a fire at the old McCoy AFB burned them up. Pleasure looking over this site. Remember CMS Richard Etchberger, KIA Laos 03/11/1968

08/06/2000 00:00:00

Name: James E. Zell MSgt(ret)
Email: AT

Was Stationed at Blaine AFS 1958 to 1961,then TT2 1961-1963, and last Radar Site was Houma La. 1963-1967. I worked in the ANFST2B computer section. would enjoy hearing from anyone stationed at the above sites especially durinig the times I was there. Also if anyone has any of the old logic books or parts to the old data processor I would like to knos.

08/05/2000 00:00:00

Name: Thurman P. Woodfork
Email: penthouse AT

A truly great site. Talk about nostalgia!

08/05/2000 00:00:00

Name: Thurman P. Woodfork
Email: penthouse AT

Forgot to list the sites I was on: `55-59 Selfridge, MI; `59-`63 Rosas, Spain; `63-`65 Cut Bank, MT; `65-`66 Lewistown, MT; `66-`67 Trang Sup, Vietnam (Det 7, 619th TCS); `67-`69 5th TAC, Philippines; back to Trang Sup TDY in `68 to remove the radar; `69-`71 Silver Bay, MN; `71-`73 Point Arena, CA; `73-74 Tin City, AK; `74-`78; Ft. Meade, MD. Join the Air Force and see the world.

08/04/2000 00:00:00

Name: SSgt Joseph A. Codispoti
Email: joenanco AT

Assigned 762nd Radar Sq from 1955 to 1959 as a Personnel Sqecialist in the Orderly Room. It was really a great thrill to see pictures of my old friends in the Squadron. Would love to hear from any of you.

08/04/2000 00:00:00

Name: John W. (Jack) Arensberg
Email: jarensberg AT

This is an updated email address.

08/03/2000 00:00:00

Name: Paul F. Coutu
Email: thecoutus AT

Just finished checking outt the photos Gene put into site for the old 662nd in Brookfield OH.It was so sad to see the condition that now exists. You hit it right on the head with your choice of which buildings were which. Thanks a million for bringing back some wonderful memories. I used to show movies in that old rec room on occasions. Thanks again.

08/03/2000 00:00:00

Name: Richard E. Franklin
Email: franklin112837 AT

King Salmon AFS...Oct.1958-Oct.1959. A2c. 27350

08/03/2000 00:00:00

Name: Richard E. Franklin
Email: franklin112837 AT

Excellent site..A job well done to preserve the momory of those who served.

08/02/2000 00:00:00

Name: Art Oliver
Email: Trarevilo AT or Trarevilo

I was in the Air Force from 7/60 till 7/64. I served in the 2768th GEEIA squadron at Clark AFB in the PI. from 9/61 to 3/63 and during that time was assigned to help out the 848th AC&W Sqdrn on Lilly Hill at Clark. From 3/63 to 7/64 I was assigned to the 655th AC&W Sqdrn at Watertown, NY where I worked on the FPS-66 and FPS-27 Radars. I was there when the FPS-27 was installed. The Air Force provided the contractor with help on the installation due to a labor strike. My stint in GEEIA provided me with the experience to support this effort. Would like to hear from anyone who was at the 848th or GEEIA and the 655th during these times.

08/02/2000 00:00:00

Name: Don Walker
Email: dywa AT

There is no way I could describe how thrilled I was to find Radomes, Inc. From January 1961 through December 71, I was a 273X0 with assignments at 778th Radar Sq, 640th AC&W, 669 Radar Sq, 5th Tac Cont Gp, Air Weapons Controller School, Tyndall, and Spacetrack, Tuslog Det 8, Turkey. I then cross trained into accounting and finance and completely lost track of my radar roots. For years I have been wanting to revisit these sites and you have allowed to do so and share it with my family. There is no way any of us could adequately thank you for all your efforts in setting up this website. I would like to encourage everyone who has ever been assigned to an AC&W or Radar Squadron to join the parent organization, Radomes, Inc. We all need to support this effort. Don Walker, Montgomery, AL

08/01/2000 00:00:00

Name: Larry D. Wallace, MSgt, USAF(Ret)
Email: ljwallac AT

I was stationed at Aiken AFS,S.C. 1972, Hofn NAS, Iceland 1973, Charleston AFS,S.C. 1974-76, Keesler AFB, MS 1976- 81, Rheingrafenstein,FRG.1981-84, Cudjoe Key AFS, FL 1984-86, Hofn NAS, Iceland 1987, Tyndall AFB,FL 1988-91, Retired from active duty Feb 1991. Now work for Federal Aviation Admin. at Newport Long Range Radar, MS

08/01/2000 00:00:00

Name: Donald C. Peck
Email: Peck015 AT

Was a former AC&W Radar Operator and was interested in your site