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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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04/30/2000 00:00:00

Name: j. j hughes
Email: jj962nd AT

looking for stories from former members of the 551st. we can call it confessions from eye in the sky, nervous norvis on a shakedown cruise how to spend your time on a freezing cold ramp[or a hot one] and enjoy it. we will put all of this info together and see if we can make reading material out of it......jj

04/30/2000 00:00:00

Name: Stan Duro
Email: standuro AT

Thanks for the great website, as a former Radar Operator at the 637th AC&W Othello,WA,the 623rd AC&W Det.1 Miyako Jima Ryuku Is.,the 619th TCS Det 1 DaNang (Monkey Mountain) RVN,and the 620th TCS (?) Dong Ha RVN, this site brings back memories of friends, since working on small sites limited your contact to a small group.This site has also revived my memories of those 14 hour night tours working with the USN carriers of Task Force 77 in the Gulf of Tonkin and the EC-121s out of Otis. Our call sign was Panama and the 121s were Ethan Allen

04/29/2000 00:00:00

Name: Gus Churchill
Email: sirwinston AT

What a GREAT website. As a former scope dope for 8 years I am always looking for reunions and info on my former bases, commrades and general info. I will when time permits give you some updates on units I was with and email you some recent pics. Gus

04/28/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jim Truman
Email: bigjim AT

Great site. I have spent most of my 23 year career supporting AC&W and GTACS units with comm. These units have always been my favorite. The friendships I have made in them are the ones that have lasted the longest. Keep up the good work. Take Care. MSgt (Jim) Truman

04/27/2000 00:00:00

Name: Wayne C. Messick TSGT AFRET

Montauk NY, Watertown NY, Fortuna ND. Lots of Alaskan Sites. Tried to join Assoication but Web Site I found would not open to let me? Contact me with proper site adress so I can?

04/26/2000 00:00:00

Name: Richard P. LeTendre
Email: diesel1 AT

Thank you for bringing back good old memories. Those were the days.

04/25/2000 00:00:00

Name: Ed Tanzer
Email: swan43-69 AT

303x2 (off/on) from 1961-1981 retired MSgt.

04/25/2000 00:00:00

Name: Everett F. Smith (Smitty)
Email: BigDadT100 AT

Retired USAF MSG 1977. AC&W Squadrons starting Jan 57: Cartwright, Labrador, Lufkin, Tx; Eagle Pass, Tx; Alcoy, Spain; Point Arena, Ca; Sparrevohn, Alaska; Montauk Point, NY; Okino, Japan;Hancock, NY. Retrained 1968.

04/24/2000 00:00:00

Name: Paul Bitler
Email: arr423dui AT

Intersted in hearing from anyone that was at Fallon AFS during the period 56 to 60.

04/24/2000 00:00:00

Name: John Pounds, MSgt ret
Email: jpounds AT

This is one great site. I have seached through all the guests and have found very few from the old 27th Air Division at Norton AFB Ca. Sites include the 750th at Boron,669th at Santa Rosa island,670th at San Pedro, the 751st at Mt. Laguna and the Control Center at Norton AFB. I dug through my old photos etc. and found my copy of a 1954 year book with photos of the sites, and all military and civilian personnel that were assigned to the 27th Air Division (Defence).(As it was called then.) It includes the history of the 27th. We were flying F-86Ds out of George AFB and F-94s out of Oxnard AFB back then. If anyone is interested please feel free to e-mail me.

04/22/2000 00:00:00

Name: Gary Jacobs
Email: GAJ7702 AT

Someone wrote me two very nice e-amils about growing up near the Waverly, Iowa site. I am sorry to say that mail got deleted before I could reply. To whomever that was, thank you. Also, I would encourage all of you interested in this site and its continuance to join Radomes. See the listing at the left of this page.

04/22/2000 00:00:00

Name: Wayne Chernek
Email: workingwood AT

My dad was on TT#4 from Nov 1957-Sept 1954 I am interested in learning more about the towers. I have some info that I obtained from AF Archives. I really would like a color photo; i havent had much luck getting one.

04/21/2000 00:00:00

Name: Max E. Adams
Email: pated AT

Stationed in Japan for 17 months at two different radar sites headquartered out of Misawa. Interested mainly about a small site located at Lufkin, Texas. 815th AC&W Squadron. Opened early 1958 and closed late 1960.

04/21/2000 00:00:00

Name: Larry E. La Flair
Email: llaflair AT

Nice site. Veteran of 793rd Radar Sq., 692nd AD Group and 4754th Radar Eval. Retired CMSgt.

04/20/2000 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Gene and Tom.... Just checked the web site for the first time in nearly a month. I am now living in Tucson,AZ. Just got a new internet sevice provider and a new e-mail address. The first place I checked was this site. Keep up the good work. I hope to have some recent photos of the Mt. Lemmon site available in the near future. My new home is at the base of Mt. Lemmon. Regards, John Tianen

04/16/2000 00:00:00

Name: Joe Stefula
Email: Joseph207 AT

Interested in finding anyone with knownledge of Secret radar sites built to protect Los Alamos National Lab Site north of Santa Fe, New Mexico in l944 to l947 timeframe. Other site is reported to have been mobile site located at Vaught(?) New Mexico. Please call be at 609 893-9278 or E-mail me at

04/16/2000 00:00:00

Name: James W. (SAMMY) Samson
Email: ruasamson AT

Fantastic Site! I was a Scope Dope , 276X0 at several sites. 4624 Supt Sq Hancock Field 71, 848 AC&W Wallace AS (Wall Rock) PI, 71-72 & 77-79. 649th RS Bedford AFS, VA 72-73, 21 Air Div, Hancock Field, 73-74, 602TCS Neu Ulm AI, Germany 74-77. We were THE First line of Defense for the U.S. and the Free World in the Cold War Era!! Anyone who was at any of the sites listed please contact me ASAP!! great to find a web site devoted to the REAL Cold War Warriors!! Sammy Sends

04/16/2000 00:00:00

Name: Clifford J. Soucy
Email: cliff AT

I am intrested in hearing frome anyone that was stationed at the following sites: Detachment 15 - Fukue-Shima Japan, 655th ACW Sq., 610th AC&W Sq., Charleston W. Va.

04/16/2000 00:00:00

Name: Henry Stevens
Email: st1evens AT

Klamath AFS had a callsign Engage

04/15/2000 00:00:00

Name: Bob Carroll

Im very glad to see so many Ham Radio Operators checking in. I was at 683rd Sweewater 63-69, 641st Melville AFS,Goosebay 62-63,3392nd Keesler 62.Great site keep up the good work.

04/15/2000 00:00:00

Name: Nadine Redd
Email: nadineredd AT

My dad, Ed Redd was stationed in Klamath, Ca (777) and I wa just wanting to try and find some other kids that were there during 1971-1974 who remember me.

04/15/2000 00:00:00

Name: Wayne Henry Zemelka, D.C.
Email: drwayne AT

Great Web Site, I got on to this from another former Scope Dope who found me in the internet. Was in Othello, WN in 54, KangNung, Korea in 55, and Winnemucca, NV in 56. Discharged in Feb 57. I remember assisting a Tanker (KC97?)low on fuel into Elko,NV while at Winnemucca AC&W site one nite.We did some interesting things back then. The runway was just right, cause he had nowhere else to go at that time. It did raise some eyebrows that night. They sticked the tanks and I heard that there was less than 20 min of fuel left. Thats cutting things close. Eh? Best Regards. Dr. Z

04/14/2000 00:00:00



04/14/2000 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: hir0 AT

Monthly check in. I was a scopedope at the 780th (Fortuna, ND) in the early sixties. Every vet should check out and register at the enclosed site. You can find buddies from any service branch, even some foreign military units! If your unit isnt there, you can add it. Heres the address:

04/13/2000 00:00:00

Name: Duane D-Arcy
Email: drc1 AT

I was stationed at 752nd AC&W Sqdn at Empire Mich. from 53-57. lst two years scope dope, 2nd two personnel Specialist. Rank A/1C. My home town was Pontiac, Mi. Married a gal from Traverse City, Mi. near Empire in 54. Spent 33 years as Material Handling Supervisor for GM Willow Run Asm. Retired and returned to Traverse City. Spend time 3 days a week working for Wolohan Lumber and playing in three different bands. You can find me every other Friday night playing in the band at the Senior Center Dances on the bay. What a life. Duane

04/12/2000 00:00:00

Name: Vance Whitesides
Email: safetypinranch AT

Great site.. Ive found 3 old friends!! Hoping for many more. My membership checks in the mail... I doped scopes in the CONUS, SEA, Alaska and Europe, From 1956 to 1968.

04/12/2000 00:00:00

Name: Tom NASH MSGT Ret.
Email: nashtom1 AT

This Great!!! Its been so long ago I cant remember the unit #. But first assingment was Campion AFS Alaska 54-55;Colville WA 55-57; San Clemente Island 57-58; Ft.Lee VA 58-62; Beaverlodge AB Canada 62-63; Camp Adair OR 63-69; North Bay ON Canada 69-73; Great Falls Montana 73-73.

04/12/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jim Hamlet
Email: jimhamlet AT

Great Site, brings back a lot of old memories, your right, very little thought was given to us then, very little to rememeber what we done now. Keep up the good work, if I can assist let me know.

04/09/2000 00:00:00

Name: Carl Wenberg
Email: zoombag AT

HELP!! Anyone out there recognize the call signs TARPON and ALLIGATOR ? could have been from 661st Selfridge, 667 Langanese, Iceland, or 671 Key West . my memory is going , you know the saying 1st. the memory then the ??

04/08/2000 00:00:00

Name: Michael R. Betzer
Email: Betzer AT

Great site! I am convinced that ADC/NORAD is almost completely unknown and/or misunderstood by the American public (I cite the movie Wargames as a perfect example). Thanks to all the professionals who protected my neck until I enlisted in 1966. I worked on fighter radars and regretfully never got into Air Defense Command.

04/08/2000 00:00:00

Name: Mike Caruso
Email: woodyb AT

call sign for 646 RADRON was DORA 1958-1961

04/08/2000 00:00:00

Name: K. M. Finn
Email: Finn1001 AT

Super work you are doing here. Those of us lucky enough to serve during peacetime dont expect any recognition but it is nice to see some of the old AC&W Radar Towers! I served July 19, 55 thru July 18, 59, with 3 years of that at 683rd AC&W Sqd. at Sweetwater TX. I would love to find any of the Radar Maintenance GIs I worked with. I have stayed in Electronics ever since and would enjoy swapping stories with them. Keep up the good work! May God Bless You!

04/08/2000 00:00:00

Name: Cliff McCluney
Email: cliffmccluney AT

Ex interceptor pilot, Selfridge, Dover,Tyndall, Keflavik

04/07/2000 00:00:00

Name: James H. Bushart
Email: jbushart AT

My first assignment was to the 716th Radar Squadron, Kalispell AFS, Montana in January, 1972. Married there and, for all practical purposes, began life there. I consider that time as the beginning of my adult life. What memories.

04/07/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jim Mills
Email: Jim_mills AT

I still enjoy visiting the website - -it is still first-class. And I am still keenly interested in obtaining an original embroidered 20th Air Division uniform patch from the early 70s, in case anyone has one for sale. Best wishes to all.

04/06/2000 00:00:00

Name: Michael C. James
Email: mjames AT

Still working Navy/Air Force Space Command projects....been to some of the sites recently....

04/05/2000 00:00:00

Name: bill pollard
Email: bpollard AT

the call sign for the 733 ac&w at eagle pass texas was red cent, the call sign for the 741 ac&w at lackland was beaming, the call sign for the 27AD at luke afb in the 60s was jonathan. if you happen to catch the movie the russians are coming, the russians are coming, the f101s were out of oxnard afb and were controled out of luke. also, the fps-19 used on the dew line was the primary search radar, not a gap filler. went to the federal electric school on it at streeter illinois in the winter of 75, there were 5 of us from the 4754th radar eval sq at hill afb, and we eventually did some evals on the eastern dew line sites. all in all spent 17 of 20 years in adc as a radio tech and the a fss-7 fixer. good web site, enjoy visiting now and then.

04/05/2000 00:00:00

Name: SMSgt Roy Pase
Email: paser AT

I was assigned to the 25AD McChord AFB in 1978 until reactivated with the Q93 system (ROCC/SOCC) Still in the original blockhouse callsign BIGFOOT...We are now responsible for 63% of homeland defense...Western Air Defense Sector Guardians of Americas Western Skies

04/05/2000 00:00:00

Name: CMSgt (Ret) Steve Spirnak
Email: sspirnak AT

Stationed at Port Austin, BUIC II and BUIC III ops, 1966-1970 (update your BUIC list, maybe?); then at Fort Fisher as BUIC programmer 1970-1972. Port Austins callsign was Pruneface, then Footpad. Ken Showers and I got into a lot of trouble together there--anyone else remember those days on the tip of the thumb?

04/05/2000 00:00:00

Name: John Scott
Email: rook79 AT

I was stationed at NWADS which became WADS and used to be the 25th ADS. I was the Radio QA guy who checked out the FAA folks and how they maintained the AF radios and of course Point Arena till it closed. I loved my job there!

04/04/2000 00:00:00

Name: Gary Jacobs
Email: GAJ7702 AT

Sometimes I think it would be fun to fire up an FPS-35 and an FPS26A, then fly an F-117 and B-2 around. Just to see, or maybe, not see.

04/03/2000 00:00:00

Name: Steve Hensley
Email: hensleys AT

A great site! I am happy that I could contribute some pics.

04/03/2000 00:00:00

Name: Jon Taylor
Email: jtaylor AT

I was stationed 669th AC&W Sqdn, Santa Rosa Island AFS, CA, Jun55-Dec56. Other ADC assignments at Hq 27th ADIV, Oxnard AFB, Hq Boston ADef Sector, Hq 26th ADIV and Hamilton AFB, CA

04/01/2000 00:00:00

Name: Robert O. (Buz) Sawyer
Email: SawyerXX AT

Was just reading the item about the fire at PIN-3. I was at all the CAM sites and all the FOX sites in early 1958 through that summer. Came from Eglin and returned to find I was ticketed for Wheelus just 11 days later. Lots of memories --- Then to Otis, Korea,etc,etc, and retired at 26th AD.